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Forrester: End-To-End Application Acceleration Technologies Overcome SaaS Challenges

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UPDATED: 09/18/2014

Riverbed Technology Analyst Report: Forrester: End-to-End Application Acceleration Overcomes SaaS Challenges

Feature Brief: SteelApp Web Accelerator for SharePoint

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UPDATED: 09/16/2014

Riverbed SteelApp Web Accelerator for SharePoint speeds up any SharePoint website or intranet, reducing page load times up to 33%-75% using a patented process for reducing round trips a browser makes to the server to load the page, delivering speed increases that will help increase sales with a fast...

EMC Utilizes Riverbed SteelApp to Optimize Network Performance and Drive Value for Customers

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UPDATED: 09/15/2014

Recently, EMC decided to upgrade its application delivery control (ADC) load-balancing solution to support its growing business. Many of EMC's largest customers had requested that the company improve throughput, scalability, and performance for its managed services. EMC chose to deploy Riverbed St...

Infographic - 5 tips for business continuity and disaster recovery

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UPDATED: 09/09/2014

With data growth, virtualization, and the constant evolution of hybrid enterprises, what worked for your disaster recovery plan two years ago may not anymore. Check out this infographic to get the latest facts and tips.

Top Nine Reasons to Trade Up

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UPDATED: 09/08/2014

With the current Trade Up Program for Riverbed® SteelHead™ xx10, xx20, and xx50 appliances, you can receive a discount to move to newer, more capable hardware and, in many cases, the latest software.

Quick Reference: Cascade Sensor Trade Up

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UPDATED: 09/03/2014

Trade Up Your Cascade Sensor for SteelCentral NetShark

Trade Up Program: SteelCentral AppResponse

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UPDATED: 08/28/2014

Trade up your OPNET AppResponse Xpert appliances for SteelCentral AppResponse.

Datasheet: SteelCentral Optical Planner

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UPDATED: 08/27/2014

Riverbed SteelCentral Optical Planner is an advanced network planning solution that enables service providers and network equipment manufacturers to design resilient, cost-effective DWDM, OTN, and SONET/SDH optical networks.

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Riverbed. WAN optimization for your network: Application acceleration, WAN bandwidth optimization, and IT consolidation. Riverbed is the IT performance company. WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed liberate businesses from common IT constraints by increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers. Thousands of companies trust Riverbed to deliver greater productivity and cost savings by making their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive. Riverbed solutions are also available as managed services through select providers.

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