Riverbed Gives National Instruments Deep Visibility into Web Application Performance Eliminating Finger-Pointing and Allowing Problems to be Detected and Fixed 90% Faster

Ability to Resolve Problems Faster Means Teams Can Be More Productive and Introduce New Functionality 7 Times Faster

SAN FRANCISCO—April 08, 2014— Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the leader in application performance infrastructure, today announced National Instruments has reduced time spent on troubleshooting application performance issues by 90 percent with Riverbed® AppInternals XpertTM, part of the Riverbed Performance Management product suite. Customers now have a better experience when using the company’s public-facing website, while the site’s developers spend more time adding revenue-generating functionality.

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National Instruments, founded in 1976, equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. Before Riverbed AppInternals Xpert, the National Instruments’ Web systems team spent thousands of hours each year troubleshooting issues caused by newly released applications. The inability to quickly find the cause of application performance problems caused tension between the Web systems team and developers, impacted business operations and slowed down the rate of adoption of the new applications.

Seeing Deep Inside Apps to Diagnose Root Causes of Performance Problems

“Riverbed AppInternals Xpert software allows us to see deep inside the applications to diagnose the root causes of performance problems,” said Eric McCraw, global Web systems manager for IT at National Instruments. “Riverbed lets us remove the guesswork and emotional finger-pointing and get down to the facts about how the application is actually performing. And, facts get rid of the emotion very quickly.”

With Riverbed AppInternals Xpert, the Web systems team now quickly diagnoses the root causes of application performance problems. They’ve reduced application troubleshooting time by 90 percent, as well as mean time to recovery. Now, fewer team meetings are needed to resolve issues. The developers use Riverbed AppInternals Xpert after pre-deployment, as well as in their test environment. As a result, 20 to 30 percent fewer application issues are introduced into production, making it possible for the number of scheduled updates to increase more than 7x, from 16 per year to 120 per year. The use of AppInternals Xpert has made this business-critical website more stable, contributed to a better customer experience and dramatically increased the speed at which changes can be rolled out.

A diverse team uses the Riverbed solution at National Instruments. Developers and the Web systems team use AppInternals Xpert to test and debug code in their pre-production environments. The Web systems operations team uses it daily for a health check on the Java virtual machines (JVMs) in the production environment.

Unique Ability to Trace Every Java Transaction

“One of the features of AppInternals Xpert that is extremely useful is Transaction Trace Warehouse,” said Mark Osborne, a National Instruments web systems engineer. “It follows every Java transaction as it goes in and out of different JVMs and across the wire. It will trace every Java method call that’s made so you can see exactly where the delays are in each application, almost down to the line of code. I haven’t seen this functionality in any other tool.”

“We’re now able to look inside of the developers’ code – without having to modify the code – while it’s running in our production environment,” added McCraw. “That’s fantastic – I can’t imagine someone running a site of any real size without this capability.”

Riverbed Performance Management Solution: Uniquely Detects and Fixes Problems Before End Users Notice

Riverbed Performance Management is the only performance management suite that combines enterprise-class end-user, application and network performance management in one solution. Riverbed delivers visibility, analytics and insight empowering companies to detect and fix application performance issues before end users notice a problem, call the help desk to complain, or jump to another Web site out of frustration. Riverbed Performance Management drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop, deploy and ensure application performance. Its solutions are leveraged throughout today's rapid application lifecycles and across IT operations and development teams, providing a centralized and common solution to maximize efficiency, performance and productivity in today’s application driven world. Riverbed® AppInternals XpertTM, part of the Riverbed Performance Management product suite, combines end-user experience monitoring, code-level transaction tracing and deep application component monitoring in a single integrated solution.

Riverbed Performance Management is a Key Element of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform

Riverbed Performance Management is part of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform™, the most complete platform for location-independent computing. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform is a set of integrated solutions that give companies the flexibility to host applications and data in the locations that best serve the business while ensuring the flawless delivery of those apps to better leverage global resources, radically reduce the cost of running their business and maximize employee productivity. Companies running on the Riverbed Application Performance Platform ensure applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice.

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