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Is 2014 the year of the software-defined data center?

The promised land of modern IT is to be able to respond to any service request and to morph continuously to support desired business outcomes, even as they change day to day. While some organizations are still grappling with the basics, such as squeezing out more utilization from servers, many are moving toward that goal with greater automation and policy-based computing.

As virtualization becomes more prevalent we're seeing data center budgets shift from hardware to software. That software includes tools and solutions to visualize and control cloud-ready corporate networks. Put another way, IT organizations are raising the pillars of software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined data center (SDDC).

In 2014, we can expect to see more progress toward SDDCs. In an article on Virtual-Strategy Magazine, Riverbed solutions expert Brenda Belleville says that, "We’ll see organizations finally implement software-defined architectures to achieve continued flexibility and control." She predicts greater focus on SDDC and software-defined branch.

Similarly, software-defined storage will become part of the normal SDDC lexicon, says Rob Whiteley, our VP of solution marketing in a recent storage trends article. He writes, "The current discussion on SDS has been focused on creating pooled, abstracted, heterogeneous storage that can be automated. This isn’t new, though. What’s really happening is an interesting way to elevate the dialog and help organizations get over the knowledge hump. It’s about bringing SDS along with the overall SDN and SDDC journey."

The SDN/SDDC journey is going to be different for every organization, but they'll find that the problems of efficiency, security, and availability do not disappear. Our recently published perspective, Riverbed on Software-defined Networking details how our technologies enable and orchestrate the SDDC to overcome those problems. These include solutions for infrastructure programmability, maximizing density per compute node, and SDN and virtual network visibility and performance.

Our goal is to help customers accelerate the replication, backup, transport, and provisioning of software-defined infrastructure as it traverses the network, and help realize the benefits that come with SDDC.

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