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Live webinar showdown: App performance with Forrester Research

UPDATE: Find a recap of highlights from this webinar on this blog.  A replay of this webinar is now available here.

Next Tuesday (July 30), I will be moderating a live webinar on application performance with John Rymer (@johnrrymer), VP and Principal Analyst of Application Development and Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research, and Mike Iem (@mikeiem), Senior Marketing Manager for Application Delivery at Riverbed Technology.

 But this is not your father’s webinar. This is a live discussion to answer questions, like: What is the current state of application performance in the enterprise? What are the sources of the problems? And what can developers and IT organizations do to align with business goals and delight users?

No scripts. No gloves.

Who should attend? Some of the challenges we’ll be talking about affect developers. Some of them are more IT operations. Of course, with the emerging DevOps movement, these two groups should be more collaborative with each other anyway. We’ll touch on that, too.

 If you really want to get the most out of this webinar, I have a couple recommendations for you:

-       Read: “Think You’ve Mastered Application Performance? Think Again.” (reg required) By Forrester Research. I will be asking the panelists to react to some of the data gathered in this study. Like why are 75% of enterprise employees satisfied with their personal technology, but only 50% are satisfied with apps provided by their corporate IT department?

-       Read: “7 deadly excuses for web application performance” by Ed Robinson. Ed co-founded Aptimize to solve web app performance problems by automating numerous best practices for front-end optimizations. In the process, he has also seen a lot of bad habits and excuses that just get in the way of good performance. I’ll throw in a couple of these for our panelists to respond to, too…

 You can register for the live webinar here. If you can’t make 11am PT next Tuesday, then it will be recorded. UPDATE: A replay of this webinar is now available here.

 Anything you want me to ask these guys next Tuesday? Leave a comment here, or send me a tweet to @dormaindrewitz.

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