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Common Use Cases for Cascade

I caught up with Dimitri Vlachos of our Cascade Business Unit, and asked him about the common use cases for the Cascade application-aware network performance management solution.

Cue the video...


Visibility in data centers: modern data centers are complex, and serve many applications over complex network infrastructure, so it's important to understand how all of the elements are interacting, especially for data center consolidation projects, as well for ensure that applications are performing as they should. These are the two steps: 1) Discover what is in the data center; and 2) Monitor it end-to-end, across the network, and troubleshoot as needed.

Remote site visibility, monitoring, and trouble shooting: If you are an IT manager with a sprawling WAN and multiple sites, then you have probably searched for a cost-effective solution to monitor hundreds, even thousands of sites across the world. Cascade brings together information from deep and broad coverage, linking all the information into one solution. And, if you already have Steelheads in your remote locations, then it is even easier to have remote site monitoring turn them into Cascade probes. 

Security and compliance: Use Cascade to see how every everythinghosts, applications, infrastructureis communicating, and to apply policies. For example, Cascade can alert IT when an employee is accessing resources they should not.

That's all the time we had for this video. Do you have have a question about how Cascade can help monitor and deliver performance for your applications and network? Reply with your Cascade questions, and next time Dimitri is in town, I'll get some video face time for you.

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