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How to keep the heart of your IT beating strong

The data center is the heart of IT: would your cardiologist be impressed?

In today's connected world we expect fast and reliable access to applications and data that matter to us right here, right now. Whether we get it or not depends on how well "the black box of IT infrastructure" is architected.

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The data center is the heart of IT. Just like the heart suffers from untreated diabetes and a high-cholesterol diet, a data center is burdened by new demands for more performance and functionality without extra budget allocations.

You cannot cure what you cannot diagnose. The signs of a heart attack aren't always obvious and can be as subtle as unusual fatigue that only an experienced doctor is able to read correctly. Similarly, getting to the root cause of a performance issue in a virtualized data center is not a straightforward task and requires specialized monitoring tools.



Broad consolidation efforts have reduced the number of data centers and crammed otherwise distributed IT in fewer but much more bloated locations. As a result, network connections are like arteries full of plaque buildup in the body of a coronary disease patient -- strained and not always optimally serving end users.


Quitting smoking and increasing physical activity can reduce the risk of heart desease. You can build a similar health plan for curing performance issues with your IT. First, diagnose the problems by monitoring and troubleshooting network and applications. Second, apply the right cure comprised of application acceleration with WAN optimization and web content optimization, as well as application delivery technology to ensure application availability.

A health plan from Riverbed dramatically improves your ability to quickly diagnose and cure performance problems for all users and all kinds of applications.

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Healthy eating habits should not deprive you of the pleasure of food indulgence. Similarly, at Riverbed we believe you should not choose between data safety and accessibility.That's why we have developed a panacea for your branch office performance and security concerns, edge virtual server infrastructure.

We call this a comprehensive health plan for your infrastructure data center transformation. Rethinking and evolving your IT infrastructure will allow you to better deliver services and applications to your end users.

As opposed to the health plan prescribed by your doctor that requires a lot of time, effort, and sometimes a drastic change of habits, with Riverbed you can easily and quickly fix your network and application problems without a revolution in your existing environment. Riverbed solutions work just like a magic pill.


Companies similar to yours have embraced this cure. When we talk to our customers about their top IT focus areas for 2013, five clearly stand out:

  1. Deliver faster apps to end users
  2. Operate fewer data centers
  3. Streamline branch infrastructure and control
  4. Store data centrally for increased protection and easier management
  5. Gain more visibility into application/network performance and troubleshoot faster

To confirm this list we asked IDG Research to survey over 300 IT leaders in US, APAC and EMEA. 77% of respondents reported that data center transformation will play a highly important role in delivering business goals to their organizations. This result is not a surprise given the array of IT issues businesses are facing. About one third of enterprises worldwide experience consistent challenges managing distributed infrastructure and correlating network information. Occasional but rather disturbing issues involve application slowdown and outages. One fourth of the respondents point out occasional problems with slow business applications that severely impact business performance problems when they do occur.

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Let's have a look at their plans on tackling the performance challenges. We found out that delivering fast applications is the most important project for the next 12 months globally, while second most important vary by region:

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Ensuring business continuity is a top data center transformation driver in the U.S. and EMEA while APAC focuses on increasing operational efficiency and cost savings. Outside of the U.S., growing the business and customer acquisition and retention are more likely to be significant drivers of data center transformation initiatives.

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How about your company? We'd love to hear what IT projects you are planning to tackle this year.

Source: Riverbed IT leader survey 2013 conducted by IDG Research, base: 333 qualified respondents (133 US, 100 EMEA, 100 APAC).

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