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Introducing RiOS 8.5 - WAN optimization with more speed, visibility, and control

A big announcement from Riverbed today.  RiOS 8.5 is a major update to our Steelhead family of WAN optimization appliances.  This software update delivers a number of innovative features that provide more speed, visibility, and control.  In addition to RiOS 8.5, we also announced a new Steelhead appliance model that packs powerful specs into a small form factor.

Here is a summary of what was announced:

Path Selection

Path selection combined with application identification via deep packet inspection (DPI) enables IT and business units to understand usage and performance down to the specific application type and dynamically reroute application flows in case of performance degradation. Path selection ensures the right path and service level for each application with no impact to end users. With integrated quality of service (QoS) and now path selection, Riverbed WAN optimization solutions provides IT organizations with the ability to control network consumption, prioritizing mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications, while minimizing utilization by recreational traffic. 

Expanded Microsoft Application Acceleration

In RiOS 8.5, Riverbed is introducing new optimizations for business-critical Microsoft applications and environments including SharePoint® 2013, Exchange 2013, Office365® and file sharing applications that utilize the server message block 3 (SMB3) protocol in Windows® 8 and Server 2012 environments. As a result, mutual customers of Microsoft and Riverbed can increase productivity and efficiency, while enhancing business resilience. 

Storage intelligent optimization for NetApp SnapMirror

With storage intelligent optimization for NetApp SnapMirror®, IT organizations can now efficiently prioritize and deliver data replication to ensure business continuity and rapid disaster recovery of critical data.  Customers can obtain detailed insights into each storage volume and prioritize replication for the most important data sets while avoiding taxing resources on processing data that will see little benefit.  Combined with previous optimizations for replication, data protection goals can be more easily met across the enterprise.

Podcast discussion on RiOS 8.5


Slideshare covering RiOS 8.5



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