Tune your SQL stacks to set your apps on fire at Oracle OpenWorld

Well, if Oracle has anything to do with it, your apps will hum through your infrastructure and clouds—not exactly on fire—but running faster and stronger. This year's Oracle OpenWorld event includes this headline:

"Simplifying IT. Enabling Business Transformation." 

We could not agree more at Riverbed Technology. Why? Because we have the apps humming right along, either alongside or inside Oracle—depending on how you look at it—at really really really really fast speeds. 

At the end of this month, enterprise-level IT experts converge on the Moscone Center in San Franciso to hear the Oracle story—what's coming, what's working, and how to implement. Here's a short list of sessions related to app performance in the data center and through the cloud:

  • Oracle's Strategy for Public Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Services
  • Application Performance, Scalability, and Availability with Oracle Database 12c
  • Be a Hero with Your DBA: Database Performance Tuning for Systems Administrators and Architects

View the complete list and jump to other offerings here.

Now let's take a look at something we all want, optimal performing apps from end-to-end. That means from the deep dive in SQL code—honed terrifically by a MySQL developer or Oracle DBA—and then complemented by a Java app on multiple tiers in your data center. We then accelerate the app with a Riverbed Steelhead through the clouds—humming of course—and then it's ready and willing to serve up the business-critical data to someone using a smart phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere on the planet. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Enter Riverbed OPNET AppInternals Xpert, the solution that gives you complete visibility of all the transactions of a Java app with an SQL database using a Big Data approach. Did we just say "Big Data?" Well yeah-ah, that's all the transactions of every user from end-to-end at one second intervals with less than 2% overhead for collecting the data from your data center. Billions of transactions stored are readily available for analysis from a Riverbed Performance Management Dashboard.

Take a look at this short video of how:

Ok, how about something a little more light weight to get started?  Enter Riverbed OPNET AppResponse Xpert BrowserMetrix. Monitor and troubleshoot the front-end web app side of your JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and E-Business Suite solutions. To learn more, click here.

If you're going to Oracle OpenWorld, remember the apps, the really fast apps! Stop by our booth at 635 Moscone South in the Exibition Hall.

For more information about Riverbed OPNET AppInternals Xpert, and other app and network performance solutions, click here:

Riverbed Performance Management (Cascade & OPNET)

Riverbed Performance Management solutions provide IT with the visibility and actionable insight to help deliver the application performance that users and business demand.

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