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Preservation of web content during transmission across equatorial boundaries

Tailoring your web content to user preferences has been proven to increase conversions and raise revenue. A new technique is under development in Laboratiore Riverbed's Marketing Labs to ensure your web content looks its best, no matter where it is viewed. Polarity+changes

Within our hallowed basement, were continually concocting and refining better techniques for application delivery.  In one of our more successful projects, we discovered that almost half the world's population is potentially underserved by conventional web content delivery.

"Here comes the science bit"

Individual binary digits have rotational symmetry and can survive transmission across equatorial boundaries intact.  Layer 1 encoding schemes such as Differential Manchester Encoding are similarly immune to polarity changes and protect on-the-wire data against these effects as far as layer 4, ensuring TCP connections operate correctly.  However, extensive research (funded from the travel budget) has revealed that layer 7 content still suffers from an inversion transformation when generated in one hemisphere and observed in the other.

Our new technique leverages the high-performance TrafficScript engine in Stingray Traffic Manager to prepare content for transmission across equatorial boundaries. Although still in beta, an early release on splash.riverbed.com has been specially optimized for your favourite Riverbed technical resource.

Check out this emerging technology today (it cant wait until tomorrow!).

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