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Announcing RiOS 7.0: Loves ALL traffic (TCPv4, UDP and TCPv6...)

Today's guest blogger is Chiara Regale, Director of Product Management for our Steelhead Appliances.

As the true market leader in the WAN optimization space, Riverbed continues to innovate with the release of RiOS 7.0 software.

Besides all the new features you can read in Monday's blog article, RiOS 7.0 introduces a new optimization framework called Packet Mode Optimization.

As the name infers, Packet Mode is a packet-by-packet optimization that allows intercepting, processing packets and applying Scalable Data Referencing (SDR) mechanism to UDP and TCP IPv6 flows. The end result is the drastic bandwidth reduction of UDP and IPv6 data.

When enabled to optimize UDP, Packet Mode can accelerate a variety of applications, such as disaster recovery (Aspera and Veritas Volume Replicator, for instance), fast file transfer (TFTP), and Windows PE for remote PC boot, among others.

When enabled to optimize TCP IPv6 connections, Packet Mode enables data reduction in those networks with stringent IPv6 migration requirements (Federal space, Service Providers and Large enterprises).

Just to provide few more details on the new optimization framework, here is a pictorial representation to explain how Packet Mode Optimization works.


Once the UDP or IPv6 packet is intercepted, a tunnel is automatically built to the remote Steelhead.  After applying SDR, the intercepted UDP or IPv6 traffic will be sent to the remote Steelhead over this tunnel.   At the receiving end the remote Steelhead will de-encapsulate the traffic, Imagesrebuild the original data stream and forward the traffic to the destination in the original traffic encapsulation. 

With Packet Mode Optimization, we can now say that Steelheads and RiOS love all traffic.

You can learn more about Packet Mode Optimization from the following podcast video:


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