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Riverbed Acquires Global Protocols, Developers of Skipware

H1_logo3 Today Riverbed announced the acquisition of a small software company called Global Protocols, LLC, a leader in providing Satellite optimization to the defense marketplace. Global Protocols is known for their industry-leading product SkipWare, a proprietary commercial implementation of the Space Communications Protocol Standard (SCPS).  Skipware has become the de facto standard for all US Department of Defense Satellite communications.  

SCPS is a protocol solution that was developed by NASA and US Space Command, and is used by military NASA Logo and other organizations that operate in satellite networking environments to Department-of-Defense-logo1 overcome the severe performance degradation caused by weather and other interference that jeopardizes mission-critical communications. Global Protocols' SkipWare product has a customer base in military, civilian and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies that operate over satellite networks.

The acquisition will allow Riverbed to build on its success in providing DoD and other organizations with IT performance solutions that meet their rigorous standards, and bring the joint solution to the wide range of organizations using satellite networks for business-critical communications. The acquisition of Global Protocols is an expansion of the partnership between Riverbed and Global Protocols that we've had since 2008. 



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