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Riverbed and VMware Partner to Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud

With the adoption of hybrid cloud, the need to move workloads between the clouds in a secure and efficient manner becomes imperative. The VMware vCloud Connector (VCC) working in conjunction with VMware vCloud Director (vCD) allows IT managers to move workloads between VMware vCD clouds efficiently. The movement of data across the wide area networks (WAN) has challenges that need to be addressed in order to successfully move workloads between clouds. 

Today Riverbed and VMware have announced a new collaboration that will enable users to move between clouds -private, public, and hybrid - more efficiently that ever by utilizing Riverbeds wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions and VMware vCloud Connector


Test Scenarios and Test Results

An application VM template with 1GB RAM and 5GB storage was created for copying between two clouds. The VM template size for the transfer was 1.1 GB. The VM template was copied from one cloud under the control of on vCenter (vCenter 1) to another cloud under the control of a different vCenter (vCenter 2).

The tests were performed with different latencies between the clouds (0ms, 50ms, 100ms and 200ms) with and without WAN optimization. The effect of Riverbed Steelhead with a 1 Gbps WAN connection is shown in the chart below.

The results of the testing with the WAN optimized with the Steelhead is very evident in the chart below. At 200ms RTT the un- optimized transfer completed in 132mins 39 secs. With Steelhead optimization, the transfer completed in 1 min 45 secs.

Analogous improvements in transfer times were exhibited with smaller WAN bandwidths as well (OC12, OC3, DS3, 10mbps, T1). 






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