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Riverbed announces RiOS 6.5 and Cascade 9.0

Earlier today, Riverbed released updates to our RiOS and Cascade products.  You can find the press release here

2011-02-07_1214 RiOS is the Riverbed Optimization System.  I think of it as 2011-02-07_1216the Operating System that runs Steelhead Appliances.  But this time around, I want to talk about Cascade and its major improvements first.

With this release of Cascade, Riverbed will provide a wide range of functionality that can discover the critical services on your network, prioritize critical traffic with advanced, built-in QoS capabilities, and monitor performance of your applications with easy-to-use, executive-level dashboards, all while reducing your hardware and software costs. This helps to extend visibility from the network engineer all the way to the C-suite, and the ability for IT to control and allocate resources based on the business needs of enterprises.

Riverbed Cascade 9.0 delivers a set of service dashboards that report on application and network status in an easy-to-use format, so you can see how the network is delivering your critical applications. With Cascade dashboards and reports, you can finally answer business and technical questions about your network around what are the performance problems, where did they occur in the service delivery path, identify the root cause, fix it and ensure that your service-level objectives are met.

Some of the new features in Cascade 9.0 are,

  • Executive-level Dashboards
  • SLA Reporting
  • N-tier Application Discovery Wizard

Executive-level Dashboards are designed to give a C-level person an easy way to quickly see the status of 2011-02-07_1122 all of his managed networks.  When you see a red circle, as in the example to the left, you can drill down and see what the source of the problem is (as is shown under San Francisco).  Cascade 9.0 enables network managers to drill down further, and identify the source of the problem.  You can find exactly where the problem occurs in the delivery path, based on discovery and dependency mapping. 

And unlike competitive products, you can navigate between apps, servers, and users to really identify and solve the problem.  You are not limited just to packets.  You can find how long the problem has existed, whether or not it's getting worse, and even identify the root cause.

2011-02-07_1145 The Service Performance Report (right) gives users and administrators a high-level summary view of what's going on across the network.  We've also added QoS reporting per application and network segment, along with real-time monitoring and historical analysis.

These QoS-centric features increase the gap between Riverbed's offerings and our competition.

The new release of 2011-02-07_1210RiOS 6.5 adds some major new features as well.  One is the new Riverbed AppFlow Classification engine.  Essentially, it will give users the ability to classify network traffic by the application that sends it.  RiOS will ship with the ability to recognize the most popular and commonly found applications, and users will have the ability to add their own apps, even custom ones. 

And then once the apps have been identified, you'll be able to schedule or prioritize them by QoS levels, and QoS will also be smart enough to take into account applications' latency requirements and sensitivity. 

We're also adding improvements to satellite optimizations, client side SSL certificate support, and support for IPv6, and several industry firsts:

  • Native Optimizations for SMB v2 traffic
  • Full-spectrum Optimization for Outlook Anywhere
  • End-to-end Client server signing of traffic
  • Selective Optimizations for SRDF

As always, Riverbed customers with support contracts can get these upgrades for no additional charge.  Watch for other blog entries today with demos and information about these important releases.

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