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Riverbed at the DISA Conference

Are you a federal IT manager responsible for the performance of applications and the network? If yes, then join Riverbed (booth# 418) at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Customer & Industry Forum, taking place May 7-10 at the Tampa Florida Convention Center. At the conference, we will showcase our performance solutions, which are utilized by defense and intelligence agencies to analyze, accelerate and control their IT infrastructure, resulting in improved collaboration among personnel across remote locations all for supporting the goal of achieving mission success.

This year, the DISA conference theme is The Joint Enterprise: Delivered Through Partnership, which will focus on technologies and initiatives to bridge gaps in communications and interoperability for further enabling collaboration with timely information.

How does the Riverbed performance platform benefit in this case? In many important ways:

Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency Through Visibility, Consolidation, and the Cloud
Accelerated performance of applications and the network enhances collaboration between joint-forces and civilian personnel. However, application and network performance are challenges associated with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and Cloud First policy as poor performance can negatively impact personnel trying to access services and applications in the cloud, over the WAN. Riverbed Cascade, an application-aware NPM solution, provides defense and intelligence agencies with complete network visibility to quickly map IT assets and applications, and their dependencies, reducing the risk of network outages during consolidation of infrastructure or a migration to the cloud. This level of visibility also enables IT managers to decide which applications to optimize to help improve productivity and collaboration among personnel. 

As part of the Cloud First policy, each Federal agency will move three services to the cloud. Riverbed performance solutions help agencies build and migrate to a flexible, high-performance hybrid infrastructure of public and private clouds to realize the promised benefits of cost reduction, resilience, and scalability of IT resources. Riverbed Steelhead appliances, with quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities, allow agencies to manage and optimize the network connection, which benefit the common workloads and services being moved to public cloud, including cloud-based email and collaboration services, and batch processing workloads. 

To deliver IT efficiencies and consolidation at branch office locations, Riverbed Granite allows IT managers to consolidate and manage all edge applications, servers, and storage to the data center. This supports the commitment to virtualization and consolidation of global IT infrastructure by removing any remaining servers from branch locations, while enabling the delivery of services to any branch location as if it were local. 

Improving Performance of Collaborative Web-based Applications
To further enhance collaboration among defense and intelligence personnel, agencies leverage Riverbed Stingray Aptimizer to accelerate Web-based applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, which optimizes Web content on the server delivered to any browser. Stingray Traffic Manager, deployed virtually into a public cloud, enables websites and application to respond more quickly, particularly during unpredictable spikes in traffic and when the ability to collaborate is needed most. 

Learn how governmental organizations utilize other Riverbed performance solutions to overcome application and network performance challenges at

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