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Riverbed Stingray ADC and IBM PureFlex Systems

Unimaginable complexity, combined with a lack of resources (time, money, skills) has created a situation in corporate IT  where $2.5 Trillion 70% of the global IT budget is spent just making sure the status quo works. As a result, 1 in 5 projects never see the light of day and there is a backlog in IT of more than 18 months.  

Its time to stop the complexity and redirect this time and money to projects that will help businesses innovate and succeed in todays dynamic marketplace.

Riverbed and the Stingray software ADC family are proud to announce that weve joined IBM in pioneering a new era of computing that will help eliminate complexity and fundamentally transforming the experience and economics of enterprise IT. Expert Integrated Systems is a new category of smarter computing that combines the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance.  

IBM PureSystems is a new family of expert integrated systems offered by IBM that combines hardware, software and expertise into one solution, allowing us to help our clients eliminate the complexities of enterprise IT, reduce cost and encourage innovation. We are confident that this new system will significantly simplify IT infrastructure by tackling the biggest, consistent IT pain points that the industry has faced for years, resulting in more time and money for the IT projects that actually matter. 

Riverbed is among the first group of companies to learn about, test and develop applications for IBM PureSystems.  

For customers who are looking for a more flexible, dynamic way to implement their application delivery fabric within a virtual environment, Stingray is the software ADC of choice. For more information on Stingray, visit http://www.riverbed.com/us/products/stingray/

For more information about IBM PureSystems visit www.ibm.com/puresystems.


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