So many hats, so little time: IT performance in the small and medium enterprise

Does this look like you? 

Many-hatsThe network manager of today is wearing many hats and hardly has enough time to make sure they fit..let alone be able to focus on what really matters to the business. In a small and medium enterprise this challenge is even more apparent.

The role of the network manager is expanding. No longer is it just about managing and deploying hardware. Now the network manager is being asked to take a leadership position and think about network management in the context of user experience, application performance, and operational efficiency.

All this with a limited team and limited hands. Yet, when a problem occurs, its usually all hands on deck trying to recreate whats happening at the application layer and on the network-- the list of items and the number of people involved can feel endless. What if you could have one person armed with a holistic view of all applications and the network? And what if that person can identify and solve an issue in minutes with just one set of hands?

Well, now you can. Today, we announce Riverbed Cascade Express 460 appliance for the small and medium enterprise (SME). With both flow and deep packet analysis integrated in one appliance, Cascade Express gives the SME as much network troubleshooting power as a solution for the large enterprise. It has the same easy-to-use dashboards and analytics that provide early warnings of performance problems, automatically identifying the business impact and isolating the root cause. With the time that is gained back,  network operations and IT staff are freed up to focus on strategic business initiatives and have the time to adjust their hats.

For more information on Cascade Express, read The Importance of Performance Monitoring in the Midmarket, a four-page analysis from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) or browse the solution brief entitled Address Performance Management Issues in the Small and Medium Enterprise.



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