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Legal software company’s game-changing move to the cloud

Industry: Legal

LEAP Legal Software (LEAP), founded in 1992, provides legal practice management software tailored to the needs of small law firms in Australia. The company’s LEAP Office suite provides highly specialized solutions for improving and automating the management of legal documents as well as standard office tools such as email and document management, billing and accounting tools, search functionality, and website hosting.

In Brief

  • SteelApp™ Traffic Manager application delivery controller (ADC)
  • Load balancing and health checking tools to support the initial cloud deployment
  • Performance-enhancing features (content caching, bandwidth management, etc.) once the cloud option becomes established
  • Easy deployment into VMware environment
  • Application HA ensured
  • Lower support overhead for server environment
  • Reduced development costs
  • Stage set for future hosted services using VDI
  • Auto-scaling of application infrastructure in the cloud to accommodate changes in user traffic
  • Great end-user experience with cloud-hosted applications


When LEAP decided to deliver its practice management functionality from the cloud, two things were clear: 1) It was going to be a popular option for both clients and new business, which meant scalability would be critical, and 2) The new delivery method would have to have high availability to meet strict service level agreements. The company had built its data centers to have the highest level of availability for the infrastructure and network. Now it needed high availability for the application as well.

The software-based application delivery controller, Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager, addressed these issues whilst integrating easily into the company’s VMware infrastructure. SteelApp™ Traffic Manager provides the uptime that LEAP's cloud-based, business-critical application requires. It also provides performance enhancing functionality, such as content caching, bandwidth management, and SSL offloading that will come into play once the cloud offering becomes more widely adopted. As customers adopt the new cloud-based platform, LEAP is seeing load balancing between all web servers and the load is at an optimal level.

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