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Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances boost network performance and reduce costs for global shipping organization

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In order to manage its global operation, d’Amico Società di Navigazione (The d’Amico Group) began to move its IT services to a central data center. However, as local branch office servers were removed and files and applications were relocated to the data center, employees in the branch offices soon noticed a deterioration in the time taken to access files over the wide area network (WAN) and employee productivity began to suffer.

In Brief

  • Application performance improved to LAN-like speeds
  • 5x reduction in bandwidth utilization
  • 20 branch office email servers eliminated, reducing costs and network maintenance
  • Disaster recovery solution implemented

d’Amico Group had moved its IT operations to a centralized data center. However, users at the local branch offices began to complain of poor application performance, in particular accessing Citrix, Lotus Notes and Windows DFS. The d’Amico Group was aware that the issue was one of network and application latency and therefore increasing bandwidth would not resolve the problem. By deploying Riverbed SteelHead appliances at all eight branch offices and SteelHead Mobile to its remote workers, the d’Amico Group was able to improve application performance to LAN-like speeds and realize an 5x reduction in bandwidth utilization. Since installing Riverbed the d’Amico Group has completed its consolidation project and removed 20 branch office servers. With bandwidth utilization reduced the company has also implemented a DR system thus ensuring the security and integrity of its data, and introduced new services including VoIP and video conferencing, resulting in improved employee collaboration and productivity.

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