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Thanks for being a loyal Riverbed Technology customer! We know that keeping your Riverbed deployment up-to-date is critical for your business to be as productive as possible. Our Trade Up Program enables you to easily and cost-effectively transition to the latest Riverbed models.

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  • The Riverbed Trade Up Program

    Existing customers can benefit from financial incentives through our Trade Up Program. We'll enable your organization to successfully upgrade Riverbed products or migrate to our platforms with the experience and expertise of our renowned support team. Our products are available in a variety of form factors to provide choice and flexibility for nearly any deployment configuration. The details are as follows:

    • Credit for trade ups. For each appliance that you refresh under the terms of the program, Riverbed will make available up to $17,995 in credit(1) towards the purchase of a replacement appliance.
    • No-cost-to-you recycling. Through our partnership with M-Cubed, we support worldwide collection and recycling of older SteelHead appliances. This allows you to be green without any additional investment.

    SteelHead & SteelHead Mobile

    Trade Up SteelHead

    Keep your SteelHead™ appliance deployment up-to-date with advanced products:

    • Try the new SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead – SCC 1000 - more performance with faster CPU and more cores, a new SSD design and “headroom,” and support for Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) for enhanced debugging – Trade up from the CMC 8150
    • Have more control and visibility into mobile workforces with the newly introduced SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile 9000 supporting up to 20,000 connected clients. Upgrade from SMC 8650
    • Leverage SteelHead integration with Riverbed SteelCentral NetShark offering continuous and on-demand packet capture for enhanced remote site troubleshooting – no additional hardware required
    • Benefit from Riverbed's world-class support with an even more cost-effective support package

    SteelApp On-Server Web Accelerator

    Trade up Web Accelerator

    Find out how you can easily migrate from the on-server SteelApp Web Accelerator (formerly referred to as Stingray Aptimizer) to the SteelApp Traffic Manager with Web Accelerator Add-On.

    • Simplify your infrastructure by consolidating your on-server SteelApp Web Accelerator installations onto a few SteelApp Traffic Managers
    • Allows for faster troubleshooting and better scalability as it no longer optimizes as on-server agent, in turn eliminating webserver resource constraits and incompatibilities


    Cascade Sensor

    Trade Up Sensor

    Trade up your Cascade Sensor 2100 or 2260 appliances and get credit toward a SteelCentral NetShark:

    • Identify 10x the applications, 1000+ apps, including new signatures like Facebook, YouTube and Google
    • Gain continuous packet storage, 4TB to 32TB depending on NetShark appliance chosen
    • Troubleshoot complex network issues faster, interactively analyze bandwidth usage, packet errors, top talkers, and more

    SteelCentral AppResponse

    Trade Up AppResponse

    Find out how the latest SteelCentral AppResponse can improve your infrastructure with the latest functionality:

    • Monitor up to 4 times more traffic, so that you can plan for growth
    • Store up to 6 times more data, for deeper and more varied analyses
    • Add previously unsupported modules such as Shark or DB Performance

    Read our Terms and Conditions

    1. Credit amount varies based on the appliance you are recycling and the new appliance you purchase to replace such older appliances. Credit amount may also vary based on any special pricing or other promotional offers made available on the sale of the new replacement appliance. Please contact your Riverbed authorized partner for more information.

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  • M-Cubed - How to Recycle Your Gear Worldwide

    Customers have two options for letting Riverbed know that their Trade Up gear has been removed:

    Certificate of Destruction

    M-Cubed Recycling

    • M-Cubed is Riverbed’s preferred recycling partner. All costs for shipping and recycling are covered when you use M-Cubed
    • Click here to see if your location is available for M-Cubed’s services
    • Customers can fill out M-Cubed’s pickup form and email it to M-Cubed will reply with 2 business days with shipping details and a Tag Number for future reference. Shipping materials are not included
    • Click here for M-Cubed’s pickup form. Please fill out one for each location where pickup will occur


    *This form is necessary for all units that are in locations outside of M-Cubed’s recycling network

    All questions related to the destruction of Trade Up units, including support credit memos, should be sent to

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