Riverbed + Akamai

Steelhead Cloud Accelerator

Accelerated Performance from SaaS Applications for Higher End-User Productivity

Riverbed Technology and Akamai have partnered to deliver Steelhead® Cloud Accelerator, a solution that combines the best of breed in public Internet optimization with the best of breed in private wide area network (WAN) optimization.

The Steelhead Cloud Accelerator is a first of its kind solution integrating the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, which optimizes traffic across the public Internet, with award-winning Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS®) technology to accelerate data and application protocols. Steelhead Cloud Accelerator delivers optimized performance up to 50 times or more for SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, or Salesforce.com, regardless of whether the end user is located at corporate headquarters or in a geographically remote branch office.

  • Best of breed partnership: Combine market leading WAN optimization from Riverbed with market leading Internet optimization from Akamai.
  • Optimal SaaS performance: Makes enterprises feel like they are hosting SaaS applications within their own data centers with up to 50x or better performance.
  • Enterprise scale with cloud economics: Available on a per seat subscription basis and uses existing Steelhead infrastructure.
  • There are a number of different materials available to provide more information on the Steelhead Cloud Accelerator.

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  • Steelhead Cloud Accelerator Demo

    Bob Gilbert demonstrates SaaS acceleration made possible by Riverbed and Akamai.

    Steelhead Cloud Accelerator Preso

    Joe Ghory provides an introduction to Steelhead Cloud Accelerator.

    Riverbed Connect Podcast #51- Steelhead Cloud Accelerator

    Bob Gilbert and Joe Ghory discuss the recent launch of the Steelhead Cloud Accelerator, which is a joint effort between Riverbed and Akamai that delivers SaaS acceleration.

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