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Deliver Unmatched Performance for Your Technical and Business Solutions

Improve collaboration and productivity. Move to the cloud, cut costs, and enable users to work from anywhere.

New solutions from this partnership will allow your mobile and IT workforce to share information quickly and easily without compromising the performance of day-to-day applications and management.

Explore this site and learn how Riverbed and Microsoft solutions can help you overcome critical business challenges.

» Steelhead increases SharePoint user productivity — Accelerates file transfers for remote users up to 75x
» Stingray Aptimizer improves SharePoint user experience — Reduces network congestion up to 30%

Cloud and Virtualization
  • CollaborationCollaboration

    Riverbed and Microsoft solutions together offer ways to improve collaboration in your business

    Improve business productivity

    In order for people to work better together, they need the tools that allow them to share information quickly and easily. Microsoft has brought to market collaborative tools, and Riverbed is working to make sure those products see optimal productivity by fighting any network challenges. Together, creating a more productive and happier workforce.


    SharePoint is primarily a collaboration tool designed to enhance productivity in the face of an increasingly lean and globally-distributed workforce. The Riverbed performance platform enables customers to deploy, scale, accelerate, protect, and monitor their SharePoint environments to better achieve a wide range of business goals for their SharePoint deployment. Only Riverbed allows customers to cost-efficiently deliver responsive and reliable SharePoint performance, regardless of where and how users are connecting.


    Microsoft Exchange has become the corporate standard in email, calendaring, and workforce productivity. As a result, significant time and IT resources go into creating a robust, reliable, high-performance Exchange environment. Deploying Riverbed for Microsoft Exchange deployments provides multiple benefits, including improved productivity and reduced costs.


    Microsoft Lync 2010 is a unified communications platform providing instant messaging, voice, video, and application sharing for both internal and external users. Each server in a Lync deployment provides a portion of the overall Lync functionality; and each server can be scaled to a pool of servers load balanced by Stingray. Stingray traffic management solutions provide complete control over user traffic, allowing administrators to accelerate, optimize, and secure key business applications.

    Download SharePoint Solution Brief
    Download Exchange performance brief
    Download Lync & Stingray deployment guide

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  • Cloud+%26+VirtualizationCloud & Virtualization

    Riverbed helps organizations get the most of their Microsoft cloud platforms and applications

    Optimize your Microsoft Cloud Services

    The cloud is shifting the way we work - allowing the users to connect from anywhere with web-enabled applications, providing the opportunity to scale the data center as needed, all while reducing costs.


    Hosted in the cloud, Office 365 is a secure, anywhere access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing, and file sharing. Riverbed® Steelhead® Cloud Accelerator software addresses SaaS performance challenges by providing an easy-to-deploy optimization solution that meets your specific needs for performance.


    Windows Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Storing the data from those applications can be backed up with Whitewater Cloud Storage gateway into Azure Storage, helping you to reduce costs and modernize your data protection.

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