SteelApp for Application Delivery Control & Scalability

Formerly Known As: Stingray

A family of application delivery products that provide visibility and control of traffic to and from applications, enabling fast, reliable, and secure application delivery to users anywhere from the cloud or datacenter. It is a complete software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller (ADC) with integrated web content optimization (WCO) and web application firewall that enables companies to quickly and securely deliver applications where and when they are needed in an elastic manner. Riverbed’s unique approach automates the deployment, licensing and metering of application delivery services, making possible an “ADC per application” delivery model in which isolated resources and costs for ADC-as-a-Service can be allocated to each client application. This unique approach reduces costs and time to production while enabling rapid change and scale for data center applications.

What's New in SteelApp 9.9

Read about how Riverbed SteelApp offers increased flexibility, simpler implementation of Global Load Balancing, and integration with open-source security workflow tools for faster resolution of application security vulnerabilities. Read what's new.

SteelApp is part of the most complete application performance platform for location-independent computing

SaaS provider adopts virtual ADC Riverbed SteelApp 

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Riverbed delivers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing, turning location and distance into a competitive advantage. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ allows IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice. At more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Riverbed has 25,000+ customers, including 97% of both the Fortune 100 and the Forbes Global 100.

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