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The SteelApp product line has been acquired by Brocade

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Will my primary sales contacts change?

Responsibility for future sales will be transferred to Brocade as of March 3rd. Customers should contact the Brocade sales desk or their Brocade channel sales rep for details for new SteelApp orders.

Will this impact the customer support agreement I purchased and terms of the agreement? Who do I call for service and support moving forward?

Both Riverbed and Brocade are working closely to ensure a smooth transition for the three to six month transition period. During this time, customer support responsibilities will handled jointly by Riverbed and Brocade. In addition, the purchase order processing and invoicing will be handled jointly by Brocade and Riverbed.

For Brocade customer support, please contact
Phone: +1-415-247-7381 (24x7x365)

For more FAQs:

Contact Sales Rep
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