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How you can manage application delivery on AWS

More applications are being built on Amazon Web Services. You can manage application delivery with SteelApp™ Traffic Manager, available on AWS Marketplace, on a pay-as-you-go basis, giving enterprise-level application delivery in the flexible environment of the cloud.

How to deploy Stingray Traffic Manager in an AWS VPC

Traditional ADCs are inflexible compared to today’s cloud environments

Delivering application performance for websites, portals, and cloud applications has traditionally been the job of hardware ADCs. However, these hardware applications lack the dynamic flexibility that is required in the new generation of virtual cloud environments. Today’s users expect great performance from websites, and customers can be lost if application delivery quality is compromised.

The static nature of the traditional ADC also makes it difficult to scale according to business needs, which results in inadequate user experience, low reliability and high costs for the application owner.

 In a recent survey looking into top concerns for deploying apps on IaaS clouds, reliability ranked highest with 90% of respondents rating it somewhat or extremely important. 

Deploy an enterprise-level ADC in minutes from AWS Marketplace        

SteelApp™ Traffic Manager is an advanced software ADC that you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis via the AWS Marketplace, offering a rich set of layer 7 services for your application delivery needs that far exceed basic load balancing.

There are a number of editions of the SteelApp™ Traffic Manager available on the AWS Marketplace for you to choose from depending on your performance and functionality needs.

Learn more about SteelApp Traffic Manager and SteelApp for cloud applications

Discover flexible application delivery in the cloud

“Customers now have an easy way to learn about Riverbed’s SteelApp Traffic Manager, deploy with 1-click, and start using the software within minutes. Billing and payments are all handled by AWS, and customers get to take advantage of AWS’s reliable, scalable, and pay-as-you-go nature." - Terry Hanold, Vice President of New Business Initiatives, Amazon Web Services.

A Layer 7 ADC like SteelApp Traffic Manager allows for application level operations and optimizations. It can make decisions based on the application, the user, a given page, a particular kind of response, and much more. It can even change the behavior of the application if necessary. With deep application level intelligence, ADCs can protect advanced threats to security, including SQL injection attacks, cross-side scripting (XSS) attacks, and denial-of-service threats.

Software ADCs do more than boost efficiency: they go further to ensure that users have a fast, reliable experience. They tap into the application content and, through automated web content optimization (WCO), deliver it fast and consistently every time. This allows ADCs to give users a better experience by reacting to browser platform, user requirements, and even user location and other characteristics.

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SteelApp for Amazon Web Services deployments

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We offer free 30-day trial on all the versions of SteelApp™ available on AWS - or why not start with the Developer AMI? This full-featured developer edition of SteelApp™ gives you access to all the features and functions of SteelApp™ Traffic Manager and there is no cost for the AMI itself. You can try all our advanced Layer 7 features as well as the add-on software modules outlined.

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