SteelCentral NetExpress

All-in-one network performance monitoring

Formerly Known As: Cascade Express

You need visibility into areas where issues may occur – applications, network and infrastructure – in order to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems. SteelCentral NetExpress combines the best of flow and packet capture plus analysis and reporting into a single solution. The NetExpress appliance is best suited for the small to mid-size enterprise, a branch office location or a subsection of a larger network.

Problems with applications, databases, storage, infrastructure, the network - one thing is contant - users want them working and fast!

NetExpress Appliance
NetExpress Virtual
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  • What is an all-in-one network performance monitoring solution?

    Effective network performance management requires a holistic view of the network. An all-in-one NPM solution combines flow collection and analysis with packet collection and analysis. This provides an end-to-end view of the network that supports deep troubleshooting capabilities.

    Gain cost-effective, enterprise-class network performance monitoring in an easy-to-deploy solution

    SteelCentral NetExpress brings together packet capture and flow data collection for application-aware network performance management and easy monitoring wherever it’s deployed. This all-in-one solution includes the powerful features of:

    • SteelCentral NetProfiler for analytics, dependency mapping and reporting
    • SteelCentral Flow Gateway for flow data collection
    • SteelCentral NetShark for high-speed packet capture
    • A single concurrent license of Riverbed Cascade Pilot desktop software for graphical packet analysis

    Download a free trial of SteelCentral NetExpress

    Speed problem identification and resolution

    Minimize business disruption with top-down analysis that starts from the application and end-user perspective, and then drills down to the flow and packet level rather than the other way around. That approach lets you identify and solve problems in minutes instead of days or hours.

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  • NetExpress Appliance

    SteelCentral NetExpress appliance brings the same approach to appli­cation-aware network performance management (NPM) for small and medium enterprise (SME) in a flexible form-factor to grow with your business and provide ease of use and deployment.

    All-in-One Network Performance Monitoring, Packet Capture and Analysis plus Reporting

    SteelCentral NetExpress combines the best of flow and packet capture plus analysis into a single appliance. It is best suited for the small to mid-size enterprise, a branch office location or a subsection of a larger network.

    See what is really running across the WAN and in your branch locations

    SteelCentral NetExpress delivers an enterprise-wide view of application utilization plus packet capture and QoS intelligence. With full visibility into your network and proactive, real-time performance metrics per application, location and user, you can identify the source of any problem and drill-down from layer 7 application information all the way to low-level address and ports with just a few clicks.

    Address the IT performance complexities of small and medium enterprises

    Performance challenges that typically take a team of people to isolate and fix can now be done by one person, with a flexible and agile appliance that scales and grows with the business.

    Enable IT to focus on what really matters

    SteelCentral NetExpress can be used for a broad spectrum of performance and IT projects providing ultimate flexibility, such as capacity management, QoS profiling, and appli­cation development. It is instrumental for understanding how an application might affect work performance before being deployed.

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  • Easy-to-deploy, virtualized, all-in-one network performance monitoring solution

    Increase application visibility and improve performance across virtualized networks, in the cloud, and in software-defined data centers

    Is NetExpress Virtual Edition is right for my organization?

    If your organization has embraced virtualization, and is beginning to adopt cloud and software-defined data center (SDDC) technology, you know how hard it can be to maintain visibility in these hybrid environments, let alone try to install monitoring appliances.

    SteelCentral NetExpress Virtual Edition runs on VMware vSphere to provide added deployment flexibility, gain expanded visibility and move your monitoring where it’s needed, whether it’s between data centers or in the cloud. Its virtualized form factor allows it to be deployed:

    • By companies that have fully embraced virtualization
    • Within software-defined data centers, whether or not you are using SDN overlay networks
    • By small or medium-sized enterprises as a virtual alternative to the SteelCentral NetExpress  hardware appliance

    Download Free Trial: SteelCentral NetExpress Virtual Edition

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  • A complete and affordable Riverbed NPM solution

    Step 1 - Visibility into your network and application behavior
    Seeing what you’ve got on your network begins with a discovery wizard that automates the process of mapping transactions to their underlying infrastructure so that application definitions and interdependencies are accurate.

    Step 2 -Real-time analytics for early warning
    Once you’ve mapped your network, you next begin monitoring behavior. Real-time dashboards offer an at-a-glance view of the health of your applications and networked locations. You’ll be able to proactively mitigate IT issues with early warnings from performance metrics that uncover abnormal activity patterns.

    Step 3 - Drill down on problems right down into the packet details
    The top-down workflow paradigm begins with the end user, and then lets you dig deeper to isolate and diagnose performance issues. Now even SMEs get enterprise-class flow monitoring tightly integrated with packet capture and packet analysis.

    Leverage complete application-level visibility

    Off the shelf, SteelCentral NetExpress identifies more than 1000 popular applications with deep packet inspection of application traffic, for easy viewing and analysis so you can quickly and accurately distinguish business-critical from recreational applications. 

    Use existing network devices to gain insight into traffic and bandwidth usage

    Use your Riverbed SteelHead to send flow data or packet data to SteelCentral NetExpress for deeper application-aware network performance management and easy monitoring and troubleshooting across the WAN optimized network with no additional probes required.

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  • NetExpress+spec+sheet+image NetExpress+virtual+edition+spec+sheet+-+image

    Technical Specifications

    Need help choosing the SteelCentral NetExpress product that’s right for your organization?

    Learn more about the technical characteristics and requirements of each model in the SteelCentral spec sheet.

    Download: SteelCentral NPM Family Spec Sheet

    Download: SteelCentral Family Brochure

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    Service Brochure: SteelCentral NPM Implementation
    Rely on our expertise to deploy and operationalize SteelCentral NPM to best practice standards.

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