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  • Watch the replay from the 2014 Wireshark Virtual Tour online training session where Laura Chappell and Gerald Combs (Creator of Wireshark) focused on troubleshooting networks. Topics from the session include:

    • Customizing Wireshark preferences and columns
    • Building buttons to detect delays and error responses
    • Identifying network problems with the “Golden Graph”
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  • As part of the Troubleshooting with Wireshark Virtual Tour, Laura Chappell has created nine short frequently asked question videos to help you get started or advance your Wireshark troubleshooting skills.

    Detect DNS Delays

    Description: In this 15 minute video, Laura Chappell discusses how to detect DNS response time and how to create custom DNS time filters.


    Detect HTTP Delays

    Description: Easily detect HTTP delays and customize the default Wireshark HTTP.Time settings.


    Detect TCP Delays

    Description: Detect, customize and troubleshoot high TCP delta time delays in this 12-minute tutorial.


    Catch DNS Errors

    Description: This 5-minute video Laura Chappell describes how to identify and create a customized view of DNS errors.


    Catch HTTP Errors

    Description: In this video, learn how to capture HTTP errors by filtering on HTTP response codes and diagnosing errors.


    Catch SMB Errors

    Description: This video discusses how view the status and errors for the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.


    Identifying SIP Errors

    Description: In this troubleshooting video, Laura Chappell discusses how to identify Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) errors.


    Building Graphs

    Description: This 6-minute video details how to build and develop custom IO graphs.


    Importing and Creating New Profiles

    Description: This video describes in detail how to import and create a new Wireshark profile.

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  • Download the Lab Kit

    Download Laura’s Lab Kit (version 11), a free collection of Wireshark training, trace files and tip and trick for troubleshooting your network. This lab kit contains the following:

    • Nine Network Analysis Training videos
    • Troubleshooting Checklist
    • Sample Network Analysis Report
    • Practice Trace Files
    • Laura’s Wireshark Troubleshooting Profile
    • Chapter Excerpts from Laura Chappell’s new book “Troubleshooting with Wireshark Locate the Source of Performance Problems”

    Upon download you will receive the following dialog box:

    Save the zip file in your local directory.

    Size: 554 MB

    Average Time to Download: 5 – 20 minutes

    Download the Lab Kit

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  • Bonus Materials

    Register to access Cascade Pilot download edition and in addition receive Laura’s bonus materials to jump-start your way into troubleshooting Wireshark with the addition of advanced tutorial videos. The zip file of bonus materials include:

    • In-Depth Tutorial Videos: Building an Network Analysis Report and Catching Window Scaling Problems
    • Complimentary Practice Trace Files based on Tutorial Videos

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