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Take Control of App Performance

Real-Time Analytics With SteelCentral AppInternals

One Product Takes Control of Application Performance

End User
Experience Insights

Know your users like never before. Measure user satisfaction by geography, browser or device, and identify causes for delay to optimize conversion rates.

Application Performance

Trace every transaction from user to the application back-end. Detect and fix even the most hard-to-detect, intermittent application performance problems quickly.

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Implement AppInternals on or off the cloud in a matter of minutes. Easy wizards help you discover and prepare applications for monitoring. No special skills needed.

The SteelCentral AppInternals Advantage

Continuously monitor your applications in production. Trace all transactions, across all users, all the time to get the most comprehensive end-to-end application visibility and analytics. Deliver high-performing applications around-the-clock.

Webinar Series: Take Control Of Application Performance

Detecting and fixing problems on live applications has never been more challenging. Watch our webinar series to examine and resolve common, yet elusive application performance problems that reveal themselves only when you look at them from the right vantage point.

JonHodgson headshot

Jon C. Hodgson is an APM subject matter expert for Riverbed Technology. For over a decade, Jon has helped hundreds of organizations around the world optimize the reliability and performance of their mission-critical applications. With a background in Systems Administration, Networking, Programming and Application Architecture, Jon’s multidisciplinary approach to troubleshooting has enabled him to analyze and solve a wide variety of problems ranging from typical code/sql inefficiencies to more complex issues related to resource saturation, network effects and low-level OS/virtualization bottlenecks. When he’s not obsessing about how to make things perform faster he enjoys digging things up with his tractor at his home in Missouri.

Jon Hodgson APM subject matter expert for Riverbed Technology

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“We’re now able to look inside of the developers’ code – without having to modify the code – while it’s running in our production environment. That’s fantastic. I can’t imagine someone running a site of any real size without this capability.”Eric McCraw, Global Web Systems Manager for IT, National Instruments

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