This is a story about Tony

Tony is a 29-year-old IT Engineer who loves exploring new tech.

He wants to move mountains…or data centers into the cloud, rather.

It’s Monday morning and Tony’s boss rushes into the office
I just spoke to the dev lead. They’re asking for more infrastructure to accelerate testing of the upcoming release. I know we’re maxed out in the lab. What’s your plan?”

Tony isn’t concerned. He’d been experimenting with
Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Now is his chance to really get into it!

Cool! That was quick!

Tony spins up his VPC on AWS with a few
Amazon EC2 instances and some Amazon S3 storage.

Ah! The sweet miracles of technology…

It’s 6:35pm and Tony is wrapping up work to meet his wife for date night.

Just as he's about to shut down for the evening, devs in Singapore and Bangalore begin complaining about latency and asking if they can spin up their own clouds over Internet links.

Tony sees the problem: he created the cloud in the AWS US West region – nowhere near the Singapore and Bangalore teams! For them to be really productive, Tony should’ve set up private clouds in their regions, with full mesh VPNs in between and connecting to the branch offices.

Tony brings up his archaic CLI screen to create VPNs to VPCs.

The drudgery of legacy networking!
He will need to cancel date night too!

It's the next morning and Tony - of course - is in the dog house

But, there’s a silver lining: the developers are thrilled, and they want more AWS. This time Tony wants to be ready for last-minute requests. He’ll also jump at any chance to take the drudgery out of networking. Just then, he remembers an email from his friendly neighborhood Riverbed rep.

Tightly Integrated Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN can be integrated with AWS, your environment, and cloud-based security tools. This enables you to move quickly to support your business’ dynamic needs, while also enabling secure access to cloud applications across all business locations. High-Performance Application identification, steering, acceleration, and visibility enable a millennial-grade end user experience. These services work closely together to automatically enforce enterprise policies and help ensure performance across WANs that use Internet and LTE links. Business-critical traffic is always steered to the WAN link offering best performance, in real-time. Easy to Manage Setting up a network for new branch offices can be done in minutes. Use drop-down menus to define branch-specific policies or let the branch inherit organizational policies. Ship the appliance when ready. The branch appliance automatically connects to the intelligent SteelConnect controller and the rest is automated.

Tony goes to explore Riverbed SteelConnect on his own. The more he learns, the more he is intrigued.


All this means that Tony can make his life a lot easier, help his boss save gobs of money, and make IT a lot more agile!

But wait, Tony wonders: what makes Riverbed different from other SD-WAN solutions?

Tony: Reading up about Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution. Heard about them?
Amit: Yup. Using them. They’re good.
Tony: Really? Why do you say so?
Amit: SteelConnect is very simple and very powerful. The level of automation is unmatched and they’re very cloud-focused - it’ll make your migration easy.
Tony: Wow...sounds nice.
Amit: Yup. Talk to them. They’ll help you get set up and provide architecture advice and training.
Tony: Thanks man! This helps…

Tony texts his trusted bud, Amit, also an IT jock.

Tony’s boss stops by Tony’s boss stops by
You’ve been doing great. In fact, I just spoke to the CIO and he wants us to adopt a cloud-first strategy. You’re in charge.

But this means that Tony needs help. He contacts Riverbed to request a solution demonstration.

A few days later, Tony has a full mesh network!

Tony's network has 23 branch sites, 2 corporate data centers, 22 AWS VPCs, and Zscaler cloud-based security. Tony will never have to miss another date night!

The secure, agile and high-performance backbone connecting all of this is supported by Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN.

This is a storyabout Tony.

Tony is a 29-year-old IT Engineer who loves exploring new tech.

He wants to move mountains…or data centers into the cloud, rather.