Slow applications across the WAN impact productivity for mobile workers

By the nature of our work, we travel a lot…. Soon after we started addressing the problem of performance in the branch office, we thought we should start doing the same thing for users who are on the road. After all, they need to be just as productive as users who are in the branch office.” -Alison Ramsley, Leader of Global IT Services. Golder. Read the customer story >

Mobile users need access to corporate data and applications just like everyone else. Yet providing support for mobile workers that performs as if it is local across a wide variety of networks for the range of applications used today has been almost impossible. Bandwidth constraints, high latency, competition among applications and fluctuating and on/off connectivity when changing locations all affect network and application performance.

As a result, mobile workers often have to work around slow file uploads and downloads and generally experience poor performance when accessing data and applications.

SteelHead Mobile accelerates applications wherever mobile workers work

“Our employees are now productive no matter where they are in the world. In addition to installation on the laptops of mobile workers, we’re also using SteelHead Mobile in offices that have less than 5 employees, as it is a cost-efficient way to deliver LAN-like speeds to our smaller offices. Riverbed really has provided us with a range of solutions to meet our needs for both today and tomorrow.”

-Hartger Brasjen, ICT/Infrastructure Manager, Mammoet. Read the customer story >

SteelHead Mobile is designed as a performance solution for both branch office and mobile workers. It supports Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Windows applications, intranet portals, document management systems and ERP and CRM applications, and now supports Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface tablets. To improve performance with minimal delays, it utilizes URL learning, page parsing, embedded object pre-fetching and metadata acceleration modes. And it easily scales performance to hundreds of thousands of remote users to meet the demands of your growing mobile workforce.

To make sure users have what they need, IT can manage the policies that determine what optimizations take place on a per-user or group of users basis.  And, with SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile, IT can manage a pool of software licenses and add new users as needed, without having to buy individual licenses. For visibility and control, IT can create reports for stakeholders with combined or individual statistics on performance improvements, as well as on bandwidth optimization and provide one-touch software upgrades and health alerts.

Learn more about SteelHead Mobile and SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile.

Accelerate applications anywhere your users work, save on mobile data charges and eliminate infrastructure changes

“With just 2 people in some offices, we couldn’t justify buying an appliance for them. But Steelhead Mobile software could provide them the acceleration benefits that they needed. We were pleasantly surprised when we ran our tests: SteelHead Mobile performance was comparable to SteelHead appliances.“ 
-Joe Potegal, Senior Network Engineer, Golder Associates. Read the customer story >

With SteelHead Mobile, mobile workers can access corporate files and applications up to 100 times faster, on any device, anywhere in the world. The solution, for example, transmits a 6.14MB SharePoint file over the WAN more than 63 times faster and accelerates business-critical web applications by up to 60x.  In fact, SteelHead Mobile can improve the performance of Microsoft’s entire catalog of operating systems.

Because it reduces WAN bandwidth use by up to 99%, SteelHead Mobile achieves savings in mobile data plans, especially when connecting over data cards and satellite links. SteelHead Mobile also works with other SteelHead solutions, eliminating the need for customers to make expensive changes to their infrastructure.

SteelHead Mobile can also support and enable corporate initiatives, such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility and desktop virtualization solutions.

SteelHead™ Services for Mobile Users

Fast-track SteelHead product deployments, accelerate ROI, and build operational efficiency for ongoing business value realization.

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