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Return to the Packet Trenches:
Wireshark Wednesdays 2-Part Series

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned packet analyst, returning to the packet trenches to review analysis fundamentals with the Packet Doctors will resuscitate your diagnostic skills and significantly lessen the time required to heal network and application maladies.

Packet-level diagnosis of legacy and modern networks as they digitally-transform is essential in maintaining a healthy infrastructure and delivering uninterrupted service to user communities.

Part 1: Back to Basics

1 August 2018   2pm BST/3pm CEST   90minutes

Hansang Bae, Riverbed’s CTO and his team of Packet Doctors share their perspectives on leveraging the rich TCP information provided by Wireshark, including:

  • Bytes in flight, throughput, sequence numbers, ACK behavior
  • Offline scripting & analysis
  • Wireshark UI changes for workflow enhancement

Part 2: Multiplying the Effectiveness of Wireshark’s CLI

8 August 2018   2pm BST/3pm CEST   90minutes

The Packet Doctors will review the force-multiplier power of CLI tools, showing you how to dramatically increase the effectiveness of Wireshark through:

  • LUA scripting that can auto-calculate physical distance based on RTT
  • Automation/CLI that tshark/editcap’s of the world can bring to the table

Both events will include example trace file demonstrations and packet capture use cases. Register now for both interactive 90-minute sessions

Packet Doctor Team:

Hansang Bae

Hansang Bae

Riverbed Technology CTO

Peco Karayanev

Gerald Combs

Riverbed Open Source, Wireshark Creator

Peco Karayanev

Jasper Bongertz

Airbus Defense Sr. CyberSecurity Security Consultant

Peco Karayanev

Kary Rogers

Riverbed Technology, Director Staff Engineering

Peco Karayanev

Sake Blok

SYN-bit Relational Therapist for Computer Systems

Peco Karayanev

Graham Bloice

Trihedral UK Limited Software Developer

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Part 1: Back to Basics
         1 August 2018   2pm BST/3pm CEST

Part 2: Multiplying the Effectiveness of Wireshark
         8 August 2018   2pm BST/3pm CEST