SteelCentral’s AppInternals and AppResponse Integrate to Unify End User Experience, Network and Application Performance Insights




SteelCentral AppResponse now integrates with SteelCentral AppInternals to give you complete, end-to-end visibility and diagnostics across end user experience, applications, networks and infrastructure. From within AppInternals, you can trace individual transactions to expose and diagnose issues within code, remote calls, SQL or system resources. With the integration, you can now click into AppResponse to troubleshoot network performance and inspect packets for the same transaction.

Applications are critical to business success

It’s All About the App

Applications are critical to business success. Users today have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. We rely on IT teams to provide functionality and service to keep up with market needs all while ensuring reliability. Fail to do so, and users switch to competitors or other alternatives.

While the ability to constantly adapt to meet market needs is vital, complex architectures, hybrid environments and rapid release cycles, make ensuring 24/7 performance and reliability is a nightmare. Without proper attention, outages and slowdowns are inevitable.

The Cost of Poor Performance

75% of IT organizations suffer from slow applications (IDG). 70% of them learn about application problems from their users (Gartner). 31% of performance issues take more than a month to resolve! Applications performance problems take up IT resources and time that could otherwise be used to stay focused on new projects, and impose penalties of business performance and customer satisfaction.

Combine AppInternals and AppResponse: Monitor Apps, Networks & User Experience

AppInternals is an all-software, agent-based technology that monitors applications through byte code instrumentation to expose and diagnose problems within code, SQL, remote call or system resource.

AppResponse is a network-based appliance that acquires packets and decodes them to deliver rich network and application insights, VoIP and video quality monitoring, database performance analysis, and performance of Citrix-delivered apps.

Why integrate them? 

  • No Blind Spots: The combination gives you comprehensive performance visibility and diagnostics across end-users, applications, networks and infrastructure. You never miss a performance problem.
  • Better Collaboration: You see the impact of application, network, database and infrastructure tiers on every transaction, thereby enabling cross-domain teams to collectively troubleshoot and resolve problems.
  • Faster Problem Resolution: The cross-domain visibility and deep diagnostics offered enables teams to identify root causes sooner, and deploy the right team with the data they need to fix the issue.

Integration Benefits and a Troubleshooting Scenario!

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