Infographic: Application Performance Equals Business Performance



At the Interop conference in April 2014, visitors to the Riverbed booth participated in a short survey to determine whether and how application performance problems might affect an organization’s business. 210 respondents answered questions about the performance of business-critical applications, non-critical applications, and productivity applications.

80% of respondents indicated that slow business-critical applications negatively affect business performance. 71% indicated that slow access to productivity applications negatively affect business performance. The top three causes of performance problems were insufficient bandwidth, too much latency, and slow servers. From this, we can observe that modern business has come to rely on highly available, high quality connectivity, and the sense that applications and data behave as if they’re local. Individuals can no longer work in isolation, disconnected from their peers. Nor can they waste time waiting for the computer to ‘catch up.’

This infographic highlights the results of the survey and what respondents said about slow apps and business performance…


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