Mark Zuckerberg, Virtual Reality and a SD-WAN Conference? Connecting The Links With Riverbed.


Did you know that Facebook is coming out with Virtual Reality? Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a system that would enable users to “experience everything they would in reality – vision, hearing, memory etc.” even though they may be across an Internet circuit.

Facebook isn’t the only gang-of-geeks reigniting this technology. Samsung seems to have launched Samsung Gear VR. Google has Cardboard. And, based on a report by Fortune magazine, Apple has entered the Twilight Zone too.

Generally, today’s world is a humungous toy store, with new technologies that make our jaws drop, eyes widen and wallets disappear (I was referring to Apple Pay). The goodies aren’t just for individual consumers and businesses that invest wisely may be able to turn technology to profits.  

The question is, do we have the backbone (read: network) to handle all of this coolness?

With CIOs seriously beginning to shift focus towards new technology that gives them the competitive edge, adding agility while concurrently simplifying performance management springs up as an important need.

Please welcome, SD-WAN. Although SD-WAN is the new Tesla for the “IT teams,” getting it right can be harder than what most vendors suggest. As a result, you need a vendor that really knows how to do it and has proven itself in the game (Hint: Riverbed has been leading the WAN market for 8 years now and is a certified SD-WAN vendor).

Here is a quick list of three, yes, just three checkboxes that could help ensure that you invest in differentiated SD-WAN technology that will truly enable your business (versus purchasing shiny new eye candy).

Question #1: Does the SD-WAN solution allow you to link routing intelligence directly to applications, or better yet, to application groups?

Why is this important?

Businesses today run on applications. Hence, being able to directly prioritize and assure continuity for critical applications will affect bottom-line performance. Also, to keep agility high and management OpEx low, this should be a single-click workflow—not a new employee’s nightmare.

Question #2: Does the SD-WAN solution have real capabilities (versus vaporware) for performance optimization, visibility and control of XaaS deployments?

Why is this important?

Based on Gartner’s Technology Overview for SD-WAN, the increased adoption of public cloud infrastructures has challenged the relevance of traditional WAN architectures. The lack of ability to optimize these applications, or quickly identify where the problem lies in case of poor performance, can be expensive and contrary to the simplicity that emerging SD-WAN solutions are expected to deliver.

Question #3: Has the SD-WAN solution proven itself as a trusted man-in-the-middle in case of encrypted applications?

Why is this important?

HTTPS web connections increased by 109% between 2014 and 2015. With trends such as these, SSL/TLS is the new Black. Being able to retain the SSL Trust Model is important to not weaken existing network security efforts and maintain compliance with industry standards. Please note that this is a security issue. Hence, validating vendor claims would be a good idea.

Open Networking User Group (ONUG) is holding its Fall 2015 conference at New York University’s Kimmel Center where the hottest vendors for SD-WAN technology will strut their stuff. It’s your opportunity to explore and ask the above questions. Riverbed will be at the event to demonstrate our ability to make intuitive, application-centric performance management a reality. In addition, one of Riverbed’s global customers will highlight how they successfully deployed our technology and solutions to make life easier, cheaper and yet more productive.

If you plan to be at the event, please stop by our booth in the Technology Showcase to see more. And while you’re there, don’t forget to enter to win an iPad Air.

If you are not able to make it to the event, here are some videos from Networking Field Day 2015 to get a glimpse on what’s on the horizon.


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