Protect Users on the Internet with Secure Access


Part four of a nine-part series of use cases for SteelConnect

Any user who uses the Internet can introduce or simply be exposed to security threats and cause a security breach. Setting up security for users in router-based environments involves setting up hundreds of security rules for every user and site—by using command line interface (CLI).

The result: pages of complex rules to audit. Rule change is a nightmare. It would be much easier if you only had to create or audit five or six rules globally. Now you can.


SteelConnect delivers safe Internet access easily—with its menu-driven, simplified design and workflow, centralized management and global intent-based policy that can be easily changed when needed, automation and real-time visibility and reporting. You simply do not have to think about physical boxes or coding.  

Instead, you use design first and then automate. You set up a ‘shadow appliance’—a placeholder for a physical device—and then, based on policy, you automatically provision the security for users, groups, organizations, zones and sites.

Easily set guest access policy rule with SteelConnect

Then SteelConnect’s unique next-generation firewall consistently enforces security policies across locations, enabling direct Internet connectivity everywhere.

  • User Based Security: Dynamic enforcement of Internet usage policies, connected to your existing user directory
  • Real-Time Visibility: Live and archived network analysis enables quick troubleshooting and proactive support

Leverage SteelConnect now for:

  • Ubiquitous and unified connectivity: SteelConnect provides a software-defined and application-defined connectivity fabric that spans WANs, remote office LANs and cloud infrastructure networks.
  • Business-aligned orchestration: SteelConnect bridges the performance gap between business needs and IT capabilities with meaningful visualization of networks and plain-language policies that drive zero-touch provisioning and easy change management.
  • Cloud-centric workflow: Design first, then deploy. SteelConnect enables network architects to first virtually design their environments and networks before deploying a single, self-programming piece of hardware to any remote location. 

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