Sub-Zero’s IT Environment is as High-end as Its Appliances


Sub-Zero is the gold standard for high-end kitchen appliances. So, when prospective customers walk into one of the company’s showrooms, they expect a high-end, exceptional purchasing experience. Imagine, then, the potential impact on that in-person experience if a promotional or instructional video being shown there were to freeze or go dark.

Unfortunately, that scenario occasionally played out, caused in large part by a clogged network. When Erika Ferrell arrived as Sub-Zero’s director of IT, she initiated a huge consolidation strategy aimed at centralizing 350 applications and managing them from the Wisconsin headquarters to provide a uniform, consistently excellent end-user experience across all of Sub-Zero’s facilities.

Realizing that much of the success of that effort rested on application performance over a hybrid network (MPLS and Internet), Sub-Zero turned to Riverbed. The company deployed the Riverbed Application Performance Platform—physical and virtual SteelHead appliances and SteelHead SaaS to maximize performance of Office 365 and other essential applications, and SteelCentral NPM solutions to get the visibility needed for remote troubleshooting.

The results are impressive:

  • WAN traffic is down by 50%, freeing bandwidth for HD videos and eliminating the potential for slow moments in showrooms that degrade user experience.
  • It now takes two seconds to save a file using Office 365 versus 10 seconds in the past, improving employee productivity and information management.
  • And, application trouble-shooting time has dropped to less than a minute to help ensure seamless, high-performance company wide.

Ferrell feels that Riverbed solutions do more than just improve the IT experience for end users. They have positioned the company for future improvements to its IT environment, such as more use of SaaS where it makes sense. For more information, read our customer story.



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