Visibility, control and optimization for any app across the hybrid enterprise



Today is a big day at Riverbed and our vision for powering the hybrid enterprise. I am pleased to announce significant updates to our flagship product – SteelHead 9.0 to simplify management for hybrid networks and optimize delivery of all applications to and from the cloud across all networks, while enabling new end user visibility, analytics, and diagnostics.

With SteelHead 9.0, we have extended Riverbed’s leadership in optimization and application and network performance management by:

  • Integrating SteelHead 9.0 and SteelCentral AppResponse 9.5 to provide global monitoring and trouble shooting for Web and SaaS apps
  • Creating a centralized, application-driven, business intent-based way to configure and manage app delivery so business critical apps are sent over the fastest networks, and bulk data transfers and less critical apps can make use of lower-cost Internet transport.

This announcement comes at time when IT leaders are faced with mounting complexity that stands between them and delivering the user experience we have all come to expect –.applications that perform as if they are local whether they are on premise in the cloud. Beyond user expectations, application performance matters because it synonymous with business performance. Standing in the way of business performance is a complicated IT ecosystem of multiple clouds, multiple networks, multiple service providers, multiple service level agreements (SLAs), end users everywhere, and the hundreds or thousands of applications that need to be delivered to them in order to get business done.

Riverbed is at the forefront of addressing the environment I just described, which we are calling the hybrid enterprise. More and more companies are hybrid enterprises and this will continue to be the case. In fact, according to Gartner, nearly three-fourths of large enterprises expect to have hybrid deployments by 2015. Our vision is to enable hybrid enterprises to perform at their peak by maximizing employee productivity, simplifying IT and creating new forms of business agility.

Our view from the beginning was that business should not be compromised by the distance over which apps and data must travel over any network — whether to and from the branch, or to and from the cloud.  Users should have a secure and consistent experience regardless of their location. Our application performance platform uniquely equips CIOs to have the visibility and control to optimize workloads from any location to any user. Today’s announcement is another step toward that vision of distance independence.

For more information about SteelHead 9.0 and SteelCentral AppResponse 9.5 please join me for the live webcast of the Riverbed FORCE general sessions taking place at our user conference at 8:30 am Pacific Time today, Tuesday, November 4th. You can also find more details in our press release, watch the below video about SteelHead, or visit the SteelHead and SteelCentral product family home pages.


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