You have the power to Rethink Branch IT with Riverbed at EMC World


With EMC World just around the corner, let’s check out some of the updates around Riverbed and EMC’s joint offering and review some ‘must-do’s’ for an optimized experience at EMC World next week, May 4-7 in Las Vegas.

I want to start by highlighting today’s challenges around branch and remote site IT and then share how together, EMC and Riverbed deliver the Branch of the Future and give you the power to rethink IT at every branch or remote office from the point of view of the business rather than technical constraints.

Today’s key challenges around branch office IT:

  • Supporting the growing numbers of employees, on average half, in branch offices
  • Protecting data that is at risk with nearly 50% residing outside the data center
  • Costs targeted for branch office support represents roughly half of IT budgets

How the Branch of the Future to can address these challenges:

Data in the Data Center. Performance in the Branch.

Consolidate and centralize 100% of branch data and branch servers into the data center – where it belongs – completely eliminates the need for branch backup processes, and achieves all of this with zero compromise to application performance at the branch.

Complete Data Security. Full Visibility.

Eliminate the risk associated with having business data and intellectual property scattered across islands of remote and dispersed branch locations, by housing your company data where it belongs – in the secure data center.

Instant Provisioning. Instant Recovery.

Achieve maximum agility and business continuity. Provision and deploy new branch services and entirely new branch sites as quickly and as easily as spinning up virtual machines in your data center, leveraging all the rich capabilities and IT talent available at the core of your enterprise. 

Apps that Simply Work.

Guarantee superior performance for all applications that drive business and keep employees productive at your enterprise branch offices, retail stores, job sites, and/or manufacturing facilities.  Centrally manage and enforce performance SLAs across your hybrid enterprise – meaning that the same SLAs are in force across both on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications.

Supporting branch offices at the front lines of your business should be a priority. At EMC World next week, take the time to rethink your branch IT and enable your business to experience the many benefits that come with Riverbed and EMC’s joint solution. Specifically, the integration between Riverbed’s SteelFusion and EMC’s VSPEX, a solution that addresses the challenges previously discussed.

SteelFusion and EMC VSPEX Together

The combination of VSPEX and SteelFusion reduces capital and operational costs and simplifies IT practices, giving organizations centralized control of applications and data, while delivering high performance, instant provisioning, and rapid recovery to all business locations. Enterprises can now deliver local branch performance for servers, applications, and data over the WAN.

The VSPEX and SteelFusion solution is hyper converged infrastructure that eliminates the headache of branch office IT. SteelFusion converges servers, storage, and virtualization into a single branch appliance while centralizing data back to VSPEX Private Cloud infrastructure in the datacenter, all without sacrificing any of the benefits of having branch services running locally for users.


The Business Benefits

This solution expedites branch office provisioning, backup, and recovery and ensures continuous operations when disasters occur such as inclement weather, fire, and human-induced outages. With VSPEX and SteelFusion, businesses can restore operations in a matter of minutes vs. days, centrally protect and secure data, and significantly lower the TCO of branch and remote offices.

This solution balances performance requirements, cost, data availability, and WAN requirements by using the SteelFusion converged appliance features such as BlockStream (block-level storage delivery, pre-fetch and pinning), Steelhead WAN optimization, the Virtual Service Platform (VSP) featuring VMware vSphere integration, and EMC features such as LUNs and snapshot integration.

To learn more come visit us at EMC World and here’s how:

Top 3 things to check out on Riverbed and EMC’s joint solution during your visit to EMC World:
  1. EMC’s Tech Connect Booth to get a first-hand glance of how we partner to offer the latest and greatest joint solution
  2. EMC’s VSPEX booth to learn more on the SteelFusion and VSPEX integration
  3. Riverbed’s booth #251 to learn more about the integration and latest industry wide trends
Be sure to connect with Riverbed at EMC World:
    • Stop by booth #251 to learn about Riverbed’s solutions.
    • Join us on social media (@riverbed), where if you take a picture of yourself wearing one of our giveaway t-shirts and use the hash tag #RethinkBranchIT, you’ll be entered to win one of two pairs of Riverbed branded Beats headphones and Amazon gift cards.
    • Need to schedule a meeting with our executives? Let us know!

    Here are some things to check out:

    Watch this great video that provides an overview of how Riverbed and EMC together deliver Branch of the Future!

    Read more about SteelFusion and VSPEXs’ integrated solution.

    Check out Riverbed’s SteelFusion here!


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