Accelerating Branch IT from 50 to… Zero?


It is not often that you hear about a company like Riverbed taking things down to zero—we’re known as the people who speed up your network and applications (The Application Performance Company), not those who slow them down. But the numbers above aren’t related to speeds and feeds, these numbers are around a new way to run your distributed IT infrastructure—and particularly as it relates to branch offices and remote sites away from your central data center.

Take a minute—think about how many people in your company are not based at headquarters, and how much of your company data and IT is not centralized in a data center. Many organizations inherently know they have people and equipment out there, but often neglect to contemplate how much

Half of Everything: Contemplate the 50

When the average organization calculates what the remote office/branch office (ROBO) represents for its business, it is likely to look like about half of everything:

50% of employees work in a ROBO

50% of data resides in these ROBOs

50% of IT budgets are spent in these ROBOs*

If this statistic is eye opening for you, I am sure now the questions are starting to pile up: 

  • Do you need IT support in each location or are you flying around technicians when fires appear?
  • How secure are these locations, or even more important—how secure is your company data—especially in foreign countries or in areas prone to natural disaster?  
  • How quickly can you get a site back up if it goes down, and what happens to your business productivity when workers lose connectivity? 
  • Is that budget driving the business forward or merely maintaining status quo?  What happens if that budget is cut?

Taking 50 to 0: Contemplate Zero Branch IT

This is where the zero comes in—SteelFusion Zero Branch IT. The Riverbed SteelFusion solution removes the traditional hardware sprawl from the ROBO, centralizes application and storage management at the data center, and allows you to enable IT to truly support business growth.  Zero Branch IT promises:

  • No servers.  No storage.  No backup
  • Instant provisioning.  Instant recovery
  • Complete data security. Full visibility
  • Apps that simply work

What does this mean for your business?
What does this mean for your IT organization?

Read the Tecan Case Study

A SteelFusion Zero Branch IT solution removes more than just hardware from a site—it removes the painful hurdles that aged-infrastructure has increasingly placed in front of your ability to execute on business goals. Now, 50% of your company’s employees who work in branch locations can get local performance of key applications that stay running even if the network is temporarily disconnected. Now 50% of your company’s data that sits at risk in these sites can be constantly and securely synced back to your data center, where you can control and protect it regardless of where it originated in the world. And that 50% of your company’s IT budget that currently goes towards upgrading and maintaining old hardware can be spent on testing and deploying new business-critical applications directly from your data center…or saved for other business-critical reasons. And as a result, that half of everything can be working for you, instead of against you.

Plus, imagine the fun you can have telling the business that IT sped up to zero in order to deliver so much so quickly!


*Source: Riverbed Feb 2015 Data Center and Branch Office Resiliency

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