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Alternative facts, are we underestimating the number of fax machines still in production?

There was a time when fax machines ruled the world, well maybe not ruled the world but they were definitely the primary means to ‘swiftly’ transport important documents between locations. Hollywood even found a way to work fax machines into the movies. Remember the unforgettable scene at the end of The Usual Suspects where Verbal walks down the street to his getaway car, unfortunately the fax comes in from the hospital just a little too late and he gets away. Where faxing and its limited speed may have failed to help catch Keyser Söze, the current Riverbed cloud solutions portfolio has the ability to accelerate applications at lightning fast speeds, avoiding slow application delivery miscues.

Just the facts ma’am, not the fax.

Let’s take a look at just the facts. Since 2004, Riverbed has been, and continues to be the leader in delivering industry-leading solutions that make application delivery as streamlined as possible. What started with WAN optimization has grown to be an application performance portfolio providing customers with optimization, monitoring, hyper-convergence and just recently an SD-WAN solution. All these solutions combine to provide the best application acceleration and visibility offerings in the marketplace today.

It’s 2017 and Riverbed is ready to rock n roll the cloud taking center stage with application acceleration solution packages ready to deploy in AWS and Azure:

Get ready to rock!

SteelConnect: Cloud-enabled branch connectivity with a single click.  This is the hottest application defined SD-WAN solution available, period.

SteelHead: Cloud-enabled WAN optimization. The industry’s #1 optimization solution to accelerate application delivery across a hybrid/cloud WAN, there is no better WAN-op.

SteelFusion: Cloud-enabled Software-Defined Edge solution. Designed to deliver a hyper-converged, hands-off, zero-branch IT environment, there’s nothing else like it.

SteelCentral: Cloud-enabled, end-to-end monitoring solution. Engineered to get you detailed insight on what your cloud apps are doing and how your cloud packets are flowing, see what you’ve been missing.

With cloud-ready Riverbed solutions, you’ll be safe from the likes of Keyser Söze, your cloud transition will be smooth and you will be working with the most advanced cloud-ready technology in the industry. Riverbed, here to accelerate your applications and make your ongoing journey into the cloud fast, secure and efficient. We are ready when you are!

About those fax machines.

Crazy but true, the fax machine is still in use. Granted, not like in the faxing heyday though. Underestimated, well maybe. I don’t have the ‘complete’ information on current fax machine usage so I won’t get too overly dramatic over it. For you fax history buffs check out:

For more information on what we are doing at Riverbed to rock the cloud visit us at

Cloud-Ready and Rock Steady, Riverbed.


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