APM Minute—Diagnosing Application Performance Issues Should Be THAT FAST!


You released a new version. Users are complaining about the application performance, what do you do? How fast can you find the root cause of the problem?

An application went crazy in the middle of the day. The problem is gone now but how do you know what happened? How do you guarantee that it won’t happen again?

Users in a specific site or location are complaining that your application is painfully slow or failing. You test the application, it’s running fine, and everybody else is happy. Now what?

I was trying to record videos showing the usage of Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals diagnosing performance issues and hit a funny problem. I was able to find the root cause fast, too fast, so fast that the videos were too short.

I wasn’t sure how to solve this problem and then it hit me, why is that a problem? I have never met a customer who wanted to diagnose a performance problem slowly. When there is a problem and things go wrong the immediate need is to find the root cause of the problem as fast as possible!

AppInternals is fun, easy to use, and will help diagnose a problem fast as it is demonstrated in these videos. Since they ended up being so short, I decided to call them APM Minute.

Diagnosing an application code issue after a new release


Diagnosing an application database activity problem

Diagnosing performance problem due to users’ location

Stop wasting time, start using AppInternals!

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