AppResponse 11 Part 1: What’s in it for New Users



As I sit here looking at the brand new user interface in SteelCentral AppResponse 11 a few thoughts come to my mind. This brand new UI sitting on top of brand new software is going to allow people to do things in a brand new way. What does this mean to new customers? How is that going to impact our existing SteelCentral NetShark and SteelCentral AppResponse 9 customers? How will each of these groups be impacted by this new software release? In the first of a series of three blog posts discussing AppResponse 11, I will answer these questions and leave you with an understanding of the benefits that will come with the new AppResponse 11 software. We will look at how AppResponse 11 is going to benefit:

  1. New users
  2. NetShark 10 users
  3. AppResponse 9 users

As anyone who has ever had an application or network problem will tell you the hardest part is not always identifying the actual problem but identifying where the problem resides. Is the network messing up the application? Is the application doing something to the network? Is it something unrelated that is causing the issue? Until you can figure out where the problem actually resides, there is no way to even begin to fix it.

AppResponse 11 provides a troubleshooting solution that crosses the borders of application and network performance monitoring. Not a silo’d tool used by a single team to prove their innocence but a cross-domain tool used by multiple teams to identify the solution to a problem. Instead of spending time with finger pointing and spreading blame, AppResponse 11 provides a single, integrated solution that can be utilized by both the application and network teams to identify the root cause of the problem. And once you have identified the true cause of the problem, AppResponse 11 allows you to and solve it—quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let the product number fool you into thinking this is just another iteration of an existing product. AppResponse 11 is an entirely new product built from the ground up. With all new code, an entirely new user interface, new performance metrics, an entirely redesigned alerting system, and extensive thought and work put into ensuring development of a product that focuses on:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Ease-of-use

If you are an application owner who needs to be able to troubleshoot your application, you need to know more than just what the application is doing. You need to know both how that application is impacting the network and how the network is impacting the application.

If you are a network manager, you need to not only be able to troubleshoot your network but know in detail what kind of interactions are occurring between your application and the network. How is your network impacting the applications it transports and how are applications impacting your network?

It’s not just about proving you’re not responsible for the situation at hand. It’s about ensuring the problem gets resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. By taking the best of Riverbed’s world-class APM (AppResponse) and NPM (NetShark) tools and blending them into a single solution, AppResponse 11 provides both the network and application teams with the solution they need to solve the problems that are thrust upon them.

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