Are you ready for Windows 10? Let Riverbed help.



As Windows 10 Enterprise begins to roll out this week, IT departments the world over are gearing up for the new operating system and any impact it will have on their networks and applications. At Riverbed, we’ve got a long history of supporting Windows protocols and we’re ready to support our customers who are migrating to the new platform in the coming months. There are also a couple of new features that may affect your network performance that we’ll go over below.

One of the key differences your network team will notice with Windows 10 is the new peer-to-peer connection that shares updates with other users–this could affect your network’s traffic patterns. This feature of the software allows the network to update one computer and that computer shares updates with others. IT administrators can control whether peer-to-peer downloads are enabled, so it’s not mandatory, but it is the new default.

Automatic updates from Microsoft may affect your network traffic patterns, especially if there are any users bringing devices that are running the Windows 10 home version. To use the consumer version, Microsoft has mandated that updates are automatically installed as they become available, which at times, could be when the device is connected to your business network. With the enterprise platform, IT managers have the ability to opt into Current Branch for Business. This program gives administrators the control to delay features updates, making for better network traffic planning. Given the differences, you may want to take a look at your BYOD policy.

With any change in your IT environment, you need visibility tools to see what’s going on and make adjustments. You also want to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment by optimizing your applications to take full advantage of your infrastructure. That’s why Riverbed has invested so heavily in developing the Application Performance Platform to ensure our customers can gain visibility, optimization and control across their ever-changing hybrid environments.

Our SteelCentral products can provide the insights you need as to how your network and applications are functioning as you roll out Windows 10. And with SteelHead, you get best-in-class optimization technologies including support for business-critical Microsoft applications and environments including SharePoint, Exchange, Office365 and file sharing applications that utilize the server message block 3 (SMB3) protocol. We enabled a smooth migration to Windows 8 and Windows 2012 server for our customers and we’re confident that we can once again help when it comes to Windows 10 Enterprise.

Learn more about how Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform can optimize your hybrid environment:

We have a long history of synergy with Microsoft, having forged an OEM relationship in 2009 after working closely with the company for many years. Everyone at Riverbed looks forward to continuing to develop our relationship with Microsoft while we support the adoption of Windows 10 Enterprise for our clients.

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