Amit Datar

Sr. Director, Product Management


Amit is an accomplished product management professional with 15 years of experience in product management, technical marketing, and software engineering within a global, high-tech environment. As a senior director of product management in Riverbed he is directly responsible for the core software roadmap and strategy that handles application optimization. This includes the cloud and SaaS workload optimization strategy. Prior to joining Riverbed, Amit was part of Cisco's Catalyst 6500 core switching product management group responsible for service modules strategy that included firewall, load-balancer and WiSM. Amit spent 11 years at Cisco in various capacities ranging from software engineering, technical marketing and then product management. Amit received his MBA from San Jose State Univ. and MS in computer science from Univ. of Akron, OH. Amit loves to travel the world and his job profile allows him to do exactly that. He loves meeting with customers and business partners from different parts of the globe as it gives him a wide perspective and helps broaden thinking horizons.

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