Be a Rock Star


Your organization’s remote sites are critical to your business. A remote site might be a sales or marketing office, a factory floor, one of thousands of distributed retail stores across the world, or even an oil rig out at sea. Regardless of their purpose, one thread that connects all remote sites is that they are critical to running your business. However, these sites don’t necessarily always have skilled IT personnel, such as yourself, to provision and maintain their networks—which serve as the lifeline for any business.

If your organization wants you to provision a new site, how would you do it?

There are two ways you can provision a new site. First, there’s the traditional/old-fashioned way. You make a list of all network infrastructure requirements. This list often requires you to be a ‘Guesstimating Ninja.’ A ‘Guesstimating Ninja’ is a self-proclaimed expert at determining how many gateways, switches, and most importantly, access points will be required to provision a new site. Then you place an order, and wait a few weeks for the devices to show up, after which you begin configuring one device after another. And another. You might have a nightmare or two in this often weeks-long process. Relax. This is business as usual.

But you somehow make it. Because, you know, you’re smart. Kinda. And in the middle of the night during a short maintenance window, you plug in each device (that you got up close and personal with in the configuration process) to your network. Then, you pray. You pray that every configuration line you entered in each of your individual network devices was entered correctly.

That was the traditional way.

And then, there’s the Riverbed SteelConnect way.

With SteelConnect, you just got smarter. Like Einstein smart. You’re a real networking ninja who makes a few smooth quick moves to build a whole network. One who designs the entire network from ground up before buying the first piece of hardware. You let SteelConnect do all the heavy lifting.

You simply start by creating a new ‘Site’ on the SteelConnect Manager. When you create a new ‘Site’ with SteelConnect, you know that it automatically inherits all the global defaults for all the networking and business policies. You don’t waste time in configuring every switch and gateway individually. All your Zones, Uplinks, Guest Portals, Wi-Fi SSIDs, Application Groups, and Traffic Path Rules are automatically defined for your entire new site. The appliances will implement what you define from a single pane of glass. It’s a unified workflow for all your networking needs.

You drop ‘Shadow Appliances’ for your new site. You know that a ‘Shadow Appliance’ is really a cardboard cutout which is used to represent what will be the final piece of hardware once you have it. This way, you don’t have to be a Guesstimating Ninja. You can decide in advance how many gateways and switches you will need for your network.

You are also clairvoyant. With the integrated Wi-Fi planning tool on SteelConnect, you can virtually see the coverage of each of your access points for the floor plans of your site. You then easily decide how many access points you need, the channels you want them on, and their transmit powers based on your throughput requirements. You simply drop Shadow Appliance access points on the floor plan of your site. All this without touching a single device. You learn the true meaning of zero-touch provisioning. You feel a big step closer to attaining Nirvana. 

Once your virtual network is all in place, you know exactly which and how many gateways, switches and access points you need for your network. When you have them, you simply plug them to the network and enter their serial numbers on the SteelConnect Manager. Then, you watch them all come online. SteelConnect automatically builds VPN tunnels from your site to all the other existing sites in your organization for you. You just provisioned your entire network in a few minutes. You dramatically reduced deployment times and operating costs for your organization. You even hear a few people call you a rock star. ‘Is this a dream?” you ask yourself.

No. It’s the power of SteelConnect.


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