AWS re:Invent 2016, Be the Cloud Hero of Your IT Jungle



Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2016 in Las Vegas

The cloud is the modern day IT jungle with as much unexplored territory and unknowns as the real Amazon forest. Are you concerned about the possible impact to your business operations when you start migrating infrastructure to the mysterious jungle of the cloud? Does the thought of Internet howler monkeys interfering with your Amazon cloud network traffic keep you up at night?

Plan your adventure to the Amazon Cloud

Be your company’s Cloud Hero, put on an expedition hat and journey into the Amazon cloud. In this exploration, you are the King of the Jungle ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Join forces with Riverbed, your trusted and experienced travel guide and together we will successfully navigate your data through treacherous terrain and unfamiliar routes.

It’s a jungle out there

As you begin your cloud quest hacking through the overgrowth
of ethernet cabling and untamed power cords you realize that you were already immersed in a jungle, albeit an all too familiar one. Digital transformation has created a new IT jungle with untamed wildlife such as cloud, mobile, analytics, and social disrupting business models across all industries. To be successful in today’s modern IT jungle, digital transformation has to be an enterprise strategy, merging and evolving IT capabilities holistically through the entire infrastructure.  A word of caution however, without a solid map and the proper accoutrements, it is easy to get lost in this digitally transformed jungle.

Your jungle exploration partner, Riverbed

Rest assured, your exploration companion Riverbed will keep you from straying off the charted path and getting lost in the new digitally transformed jungle. Riverbed provides comprehensive, integrated solution architectures that are designed to simplify the complexity of cloud/hybrid IT providing you with the proper gear to guarantee a successful expedition into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jungle Survival Gear:

  • SteelHead: the solution that provides you with quick transport and less cargo.
  • SteelFusion: the solution that allows you to project your gear to a remote base camp.
  • SteelConnect: the solution that easily connects all your current and future destinations together.
  • SteelCentral: the solution that gives you visibility into all those snakes slithering on your network.

With Riverbed’s innovative tools, you can be the Cloud Hero leading your business into a digital transformation successfully maneuvering through the cloud jungle all the while achieving new levels of agility, visibility, performance, and efficiency.

Riverbed AWS re:Invent 2016 travel options

After navigating through the Las Vegas jungle of neon trees, come visit Riverbed at booth #618 at AWS re:Invent 2016 in Las Vegas and see how we can help you navigate through the modern day IT cloud jungle. Bring your travel clothes and networking compass, we have three exciting journeys waiting for you.

  1. Scale AWS deployments with cloud-enabled SD-WAN
    Let’s head to the first base camp. Here you will learn how to simplify your cloud network management with automatic VPN tunnels and routing. You will be amazed at how the cloud gateway interface displays your entire global network. After this first leg of the journey, you will understand how easily Riverbed can extend your network into the AWS Cloud.
  2. Protect and consolidate remote data in AWS
    It’s time to climb a mountain. Wouldn’t it be nice to project yourself to the top of that mountain? Pay close attention, you will see how Riverbed can scale operations from a data center to a remote location and how easy we make it for you to manage your connected branches. Don’t start your descent yet, get the scoop on how you can combine two Riverbed solutions together to optimize, protect and consolidate data to primary and secondary storage in the AWS Cloud.
  3. Monitor, troubleshoot & accelerate apps in AWS
    Watch were you are going! You wouldn’t walk through the forest at night without a flashlight—let us show you how to shine a blindingly bright light and gain complete visibility into your network. Come see how Riverbed captures everything that traverses through the jungle, continually monitoring your applications in the cloud and your datacenter tracing transactions from your end-users to the application back-end. Before heading back to the trail head, discover how to combine forces with other Riverbed solutions to accelerate your applications in the AWS Cloud.

Now let’s conquer the Amazon Cloud

Riverbed has been a leading technology innovator since 2004. We have been keeping pythons from strangling the life out of networks since the first SteelHead product hit the market. We know WAN like no other companies can. Riverbed is your solution provider that solves the mysteries and takes the worries out of your expedition into the Amazon cloud, and no worries equals many a good night’s rest (rest for when you get home, this is Vegas remember, the town that doesn’t sleep).

From the neon jungle of Las Vegas to the digital jungle of the Amazon cloud, the week of November 29th – Dec 2nd will be filled with many network reinventions and adventure-packed travel stories. Riverbed is here to expertly guide you through the modern day IT cloud jungle and migration to AWS. How you navigate through the neon jungle this week, that as the catch phrase goes, stays in Vegas. Don’t miss us in Booth #618.

Amazon River(bed), a Cloud Hero emerges out of the jungle.


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