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Recently, IDC produced a white paper titled Conquering Next-Generation Application Performance, which takes a close look at the performance of next generation application workloads as it applies to a businesses’ success.

Combine the reliance that businesses are placing on mobile and data mobility with rapidly rising cloud technology, the virtualization of everything, and the sheer unprecedented mass of data that is being generated on a scale that has never been seen before—and you get application performance turning out to be more important today than in the entire history of IT.

With this in mind, IDC’s white paper poses the obvious question: How are organizations meeting the challenge?

Deploying Riverbed to Meet the Challenge

By successfully addressing the next-generation of application performance significant benefits can be had. For example: better customer experiences, increased productivity, and bigger cost savings.

Riverbed addresses all IDC requirements, successfully conquering the challenges of the new world of application performance:

  • Deploy a robust application infrastructure with Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform. Meet Bob, CIO of a large enterprise as he addresses the challenges of today’s hybrid enterprise to learn more.

  • Riverbed® SteelCentral collaboration is now streaming between IT operations teams and DevOps with requisite visibility into application and network performance.
  • Improve the end-user experience with greater satisfaction and predictability for enterprise employees and customers across all networks and endpoints, including the branch, where virtualization and infrastructure consolidation can be implemented Riverbed® SteelFusion.

Look at this video and Rethink Branch IT. Think Zero Branch IT in remote locations. No servers, no storage, and no backup should be required at the branch.

  • Prioritize the importance of application workloads with Riverbed® SteelHead. SteelHead enables you to determine how best to run the workloads (physical or virtual), and where to run them (in the private or public cloud) to get the best performance for your users.

Seamlessly optimize delivery of all application workloads, including private and public cloud, and software as a service (SaaS) with SteelHead.

Watch a day of the life of John, Director of Network Operations.

Conquer Next Generation App Performance

IDC calls for the adoption of a more holistic approach to successfully conquer next-generation application performance, highlighting an array of solutions:

  • Integrated application and network visibility and performance management
  • WAN optimization
  • Branch convergence
  • A hybrid enterprise application performance infrastructure

In closing, with cloud technology increasingly on the rise and application performance is more important than ever, significant benefits to be had if effectively addressing requirements for success.


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