Centrally Manage and Provision Remote Site Networks with SteelConnect


Part six of a nine-part series of use cases for SteelConnect

Your IT costs keep escalating as the number of branches and remote users keeps growing. But it isn’t just the cost of building and maintaining remote site connectivity.

It’s also about making the branch or remote site a productive and cutting-edge business center–fast.

Centralized configuration and policy-enabled automation of remote devices helps IT to build once virtually and then deploy to many rapidly—without ever touching a box in the branch.


Once IT designs its virtual network and configures shadow appliances to represent real branch devices, SteelConnect, Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution, can automate deployment of remote LAN and WiFi infrastructure and dynamically provision business policies and devices in every site.

  • Policy Driven: The network can follow users and devices anywhere throughout the organization, at home and on the road
  • Dynamic Zoning: Based on policy, provides unified segmentation of LAN and Wi-Fi users and devices—dynamically and in all locations

For example, all of a user’s devices are tagged for the R&D Zone. SteelConnect can use the company SSID and dynamically recognize and map the user and any of his devices to his unique and segmented R&D zone. Zones, which are basically subnets, are protected by firewalling, and only the policy allows user access to the zone.

The result: Rapid LAN and Wi-Fi with secure dynamic access with SteelConnect.

Leverage SteelConnect, a software-defined networking solution, today for:

  • Ubiquitous and unified connectivity: SteelConnect provides a software-defined and application-defined connectivity fabric that spans WANs, remote office LANs and cloud infrastructure networks.
  • Business-aligned orchestration: SteelConnect bridges the performance gap between business needs and IT capabilities with meaningful visualization of networks and plain-language policies that drive zero-touch provisioning and easy change management.
  • Cloud-centric workflow: Design first, then deploy. SteelConnect enables network architects to first virtually design their environments and networks before deploying a single, self-programming piece of hardware to any remote location. 

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