SteelCentral Release Assures Your Digital Transformation Initiative


According to IDC, the percentage of enterprises creating advanced digital transformation initiatives will more than double by 2020.[1]  With increasing frequency companies are undertaking digital business to create differentiation with end users: employees, partners, and of course, customers.  They seek to create value for the applications and services that are, quite literally, the face (and in some cases the body) of the business.  With these initiatives, they differentiate on speed, features sets and, hopefully, overall experience. SteelCentral’s latest release provides the Digital Experience Management capabilities to help companies succeed.

Few companies are effective at Digital Experience Management

Despite the focus on digital transformation, few companies are able to actually understand the digital experience of their customers or their workforce.  Customers complain about web load times, app performance, network speed, yet IT has no line of sight to the problem. Performance is impacted, customer satisfaction plummets and the IT’s reputation is seen as lagging the market.

At the same time, IT has instrumented a great deal.  We monitor, apps, end user experience, networks, databases, infrastructure … all with a myriad of point solutions, but the tools don’t talk, the groups don’t talk and, most importantly, none of these elements help to manage the critical question: what is the end user’s experience?

On Tuesday, June 20, we announced the next significant release of the SteelCentral platform, the most complete, modular and integrated Digital Experience Management solution in the market. The solution empowers our customers to measure and troubleshoot all parts of the digital experience, from the user’s experience on the device to the back-end network, infrastructure, cloud and applications.

Specifically, this release will benefit our customers by providing them with:

Enriched End-User Experience Monitoring and integrated visibility into digital experience

This new release features the integration between SteelCentral Portal, SteelCentral Aternity, and SteelCentral AppInternals. This means that SteelCentral users can now incorporate the device-based view of end-user experience providing IT and business executives with a single-pane-of-glass view of IT performance and its impact on end users. In addition, the integrated workflow between SteelCentral Aternity End-User Experience Monitoring and AppInternals Application Performance Management provides an integrated monitoring system for the entire end user service and allows IT to rapidly troubleshoot business-critical applications across devices and applications. This results in a one-stop-shop for the variety of teams involved in Digital Experience Management, from end user services, to app developers and operations, to IT and business executives.

Riverbed SteelCentral

                 Riverbed SteelCentral – Digital Experience insight and Agility


Reduced risk for application migrations to the cloud

As companies continue to migrate applications to the cloud, understanding the impact on network performance is challenging. Network performance as it relates to the cloud, is a common blind spot for most enterprises. With this release, SteelCentral NetPlanner introduces application migration planning and prediction. It enables network planning and architecture teams to simulate and predict traffic behavior and impact on the network prior to application migrations—from data center to data center, from data center to cloud, and between cloud providers. As a result, companies are able to leverage data, not hunches, when planning cloud migrations for applications.

Manage outcomes across the application lifecycle

As organizations adopt DevOps, Development, QA and operations teams are streamlining, integrating and automating processes to increase agility and quality of application releases. SteelCentral AppInternals now enables IT teams to consume performance insights and diagnostics across the application lifecycle. Leveraging new REST API’s, development and QA teams can add performance testing to their build tool chain.  This will ensure that releases are optimized for production.  Operations teams can consume alerts on popular collaboration tools like Slack and HipChat.  And support teams can automatically open tickets on incident management tools to log issues, their root causes and diagnoses. In addition, teams can use the API to extract metrics and enrich existing reports and tools.

Learn more about the latest SteelCentral updates.


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