Discussing Riverbed’s Role in Open Source, Security, and More with Packet Pushers


Note: The podcast series has been discontinued and is no longer available, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Wireshark network protocol analyzer
Riverbed’s open APIs
Riverbed security solutions

We’re back with the Packet Pushers community for our third podcast discussing all things networking. This time around, we decided to focus on Riverbed’s commitment to open source SD-WAN technology and the value we bring to security teams.

Why these two topics, you ask? Well, nearly 80% of companies run part of their operations on open source software, and security continues to be a top-10 technology priority for CIOs in 2016. So, it’s probably safe to assume that one or both topics are of high interest to many of you and other listeners.

Secondly, while most IT pros know us for WAN optimization, performance management solutions, enabling the hyper-converged edge, or for our recent entry into the SD-WAN space, far fewer recognize us for our commitments to open source innovations and for our abilities to help augment security practices.

For instance, did you know:

  • Riverbed is the corporate sponsor of Wireshark, the world’s most popular packet analyzer?
  • About Riverbed’s open APIs that automate some of the performance analysis processes enabled by Wireshark and other solutions?
  • That these same open source tools—along with Riverbed SteelCentral—provide several valuable use cases for security teams?

So listen in as Riverbed’s Brad Wood, Mike Garabedian, and Charles Kaplan explore these three ‘hidden gems’ about Riverbed!

What else is discussed?

Here’s just a sampling of topics the guys cover:

  • A deep dive into the integrations between Wireshark and SteelCentral, Riverbed’s own portfolio of performance management solutions
  • How these tools help network teams quickly sift through massive amounts of data to identify specific packets of interest within minutes—not hours or days—when a performance issue or anomaly occurs
  • Cost-effective ways to ensure full monitoring coverage across the distributed enterprise—from data centers to all remote locations
  • Reasons to attend SharkFest™ 2016, THE annual educational conference for Wireshark users looking to hone their packet analysis skills
  • An introduction to Riverbed SteelScript, a set of open APIs and developer tools that help automate the analysis and resolution of performance issues
  • Getting started with SteelScript, including compelling use cases when doing performance analysis with Wireshark or other solutions
  • How SteelScript’s user community is driving product requirements and ongoing development
  • Why security and performance analysis should be complementary practices, and how organizations can leverage common workflows across both areas for better operational efficiency
  • How one financial company saved millions of dollars by using the same solution set for performance management and enterprise-wide security analysis

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Happy listening!


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