Drive ROI with Integrated Performance Management

Heidi Gabrielson
SteelCentral performance management solutions go together like peanut butter and jelly

Some things naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly.

Some things are just meant to go together: Batman and Robin, Captain Kirk and Spock, Bert and Ernie, peanut butter and jelly. Together they build on each other’s strengths, balance their weakness, and provide significantly greater value as a team than they would individually.

According to Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) “Riverbed SteelCentral: Combining the Powers of NPM, APM, and EUEM, A Case Study Review,” Riverbed SteelCentral performance management solutions work better together to provide great return on investment (ROI).

In this short ROI white paper, EMA examines the value of using multiple Riverbed SteelCentral solutions together to manage end-user experience, application, network, and infrastructure performance. It uses a case study approach to examine how the integration of these tools adds ROI value to IT Teams.

EMA interviewed four Riverbed customers: a financial trading platform, a global provider of consumer technology insurance, the North American division of a European investment bank, and a North American wealth management firm. EMA paid close attention to who was using the products and the types of benefits they achieved. Some of the ROI customers realized include:

  • Reduction in help desk calls
  • More timely closure of the help desk calls that do occur
  • Improves IT efficiency and better cross-team collaboration
  • Capital and operational savings (4 million + in one instance)
  • Enhances network capacity planning
  • Boosts end-user productivity
  • Protects and enhances revenue generation
  • Accelerates troubleshooting by one-third
  • Prevents customer churn
  • Streamlines capacity planning

Check out the EMA ROI report for the complete interviews.

EMA recommends “an integrated approach to IT operations’ tool strategy. When using multiple NPM, APM, and EUEM tools, IT organizations should integrate these solutions wherever possible. The integrations will create tremendous business value by making IT operations teams more efficient, effective, and proactive.”

Why is SteelCentral performance management better together?

SteelCentral delivers a Digital Experience Management solution that is divided into two core components: network and infrastructure performance management (NIM); and application performance management and end-user experience monitoring (APM & EUEM). They are better together. In addition, SteelCentral Portal provides consolidated and blended information from all the domain-level products to deliver both executive and domain-level views and reporting. SteelCentral also provides cross-domain integrations that deliver unique and beneficial workflows to proactively prevent problems, boost end-user productivity, protect and enhance revenue, and prevent customer churn.

Learn more about Riverbed SteelCentral.

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