Five Digital Experience Management Take-aways from Microsoft Ignite

Mike Marks

Riverbed is a platinum sponsor of this year’s Microsoft Ignite event in Orlando. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Riverbed Marketing, our booth location and traffic were great! In sessions and in conversations, we saw clear alignment between Riverbed Digital Experience Management solutions and Microsoft’s mission, strategic direction, and solution areas. Here are five take-aways that show this alignment, from CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote and key breakout sessions.

Microsoft’s mission depends on excellent user experience

CEO Satya Nadella discussing Microsoft’s mission

Microsoft’s mission is all about empowering people to achieve more. For citizens, achieving more means better engagement and empowerment. Achieving more for the workforce means enhanced productivity. In both cases, delivering an excellent user experience is fundamental to success. Riverbed Digital Experience Management is spot on with its focus on ensuring a quality digital experience for an enterprise’s customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

Digital transformation is all about business outcomes

Four Digital Transformation outcomes depend on excellent digital experience

This year’s Ignite conference focused on how IT can accelerate enterprise digital transformation. In the keynote, Microsoft showed how AI, mixed reality, and cloud are enabling enterprises to evolve and deliver improved business outcomes.

Digital Experience Management plays a key role in all four of the categories of business outcomes Microsoft emphasized. Excellent digital experience is required for empowered employees and engaged customers. To optimize operations, IT needs integrated visibility of the entire IT infrastructure, from the user’s device, across the network and infrastructure, down to the application line of code. And to transform products, DevOps teams to need rapidly deliver applications and content that will delight customers.

Digital transformation requires collaboration across the enterprise

SteelCentral Digital Experience Management

SteelCentral Digital Experience Management addresses use cases across IT and the business

In his key note, Satya Nadella emphasized that successful digital transformation requires collaboration across all levels of IT and the business. He called for bringing together “all functional roles to support the process of continuous change and renewal.” This call is directly in line with the ability of SteelCentral Digital Experience Management to deliver role-specific insights to the various teams involved in delivering and supporting digital transformation.

It also highlights the importance of one of SteelCentral’s key use cases—validating the impact of IT change—to ensure that digital transformation investments actually deliver the expected improvement in user experience.


Complex end user computing environments complicate Windows 10 migrations

Windows 10 migrations must account for a mixture of classic and modern IT

In a focus session on Windows 10 migration, product marketer Michael Niehaus set the stage by discussing the complexity of modern IT. Large enterprises have a mixture of classic, legacy IT technologies mixed together with modern cloud managed and SaaS apps.

What does this mean for IT? It means that they must ensure an excellent digital experience for EVERY TYPE of app in the enterprise portfolio. This includes legacy thick client apps, and modern web, mobile, and cloud-delivered apps. SteelCentral Aternity is uniquely positioned to do just that.


A focus on Office 365 usage and adoption

Office 365 usage

Office 365 comes with a variety of built-in metrics for usage and reporting

Microsoft has embedded a variety of built-in usage reporting and analytics into Office 365. These help IT understand usage and adoption. Dashboards driven by Power BI enable IT to track the number of active users, to see what business activities they are performing, and to determine the most popular capabilities. These metrics are especially useful when coupled with Aternity’s ability to monitor the response time of business activities relative to a baseline. With Aternity, IT can proactively identify and resolve problems even before end user experience is negatively impacted.

What was YOUR take-away from Ignite?

If you attended Ignite, please let me know your top impressions of the event. In the meantime, you can learn more about what Riverbed exhibited at the show. In addition to our Digital Experience Management solution, see our solution pages of Office 365, SD-WAN, and Cloud-Ready Edge to see how Riverbed is collaborating with Microsoft to support your digital transformation initiatives.

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